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Free DVD for Any Takers

We were discussing movies with friends the other day, reminiscing the myriad of cinemascopes that have passed through our collective mind’s eye.  I mentioned the fact that I never seem to watch a movie more than once, with the exception of Godfather I and II, and Remember the Titans.  The talked turned to “have you … Continue reading »

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Running Around

My neighbor yelled at me the other day. I was up on the ladder re-caulking the bedroom window with tubular silicone.  Apparently I had a small leak and couldn’t find it, so I redid the whole damn thing.  Stepping down with caution, I queried what he might have in store.  Surprisingly he asked, “what do … Continue reading »

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February’s Memorable Week

Today, I honor the birthdays’ of two celebrities from my personal life.  George Washington, the ‘father of our country’, and Eleanor, the ‘mother of my person’.   As for the first I hate to dispel the mythical date.   I remember the walls of my elementary classroom for years, festooned in February with initially, portraits, … Continue reading »

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