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About This Blog  My life has not been a linear line of pursuit, yet a horizontal exploration from one area of interest to another. A “normal”childhood, whatever that is, led to college, graduate school and 35 years in the field of education. I moved through the ranks from teacher to Superintendent to college prof.  In between, I’ve had a myriad of side jobs and businesses, always believing in multiple streams of income. In August of ’07, a surgeon told me that the malignant tumor on my voicebox would need to come out. He also discovered a brain tumor at the same time. It was growing and closing off my airway a little each day. No longer was the pursuit of those multiple streams important. I retired six months and four surgeries later. I beat the cancer, I beat the brain tumor and I’m beating the ideas of living a “normal life”.  So begins a new chapter of what I will refer to as “The Rest of the Story”.I’m a random thinker so my story will mesh into the posts so that you’ll learn more about why you want to be here.  It will be a journey of a different sort, but you’ll come to want to visit more often. So here we go….stop by often.  Comment on our new horizons, enjoy the photos, and philosophize with us and help us to grow along with you.

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  1. John Huggins

    Saw your web address on the back of your rig. We’re parked behind you in a green and silver Fleetwood Expedition. We do an internet radio show (podcast) each week posted on Come and see us after work. We’re SKP’s so we are huggers.

    John and Kathy

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  4. Rusty Cernota

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