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Full Time RVing

Every Point of Refuge Has Its Price

A restless gnaw is planting its roots.  Time is drawing nigh for the instinctive move. It always comes, without rhyme or reason. It seems innate. My world is perfect. There is much to interest anyone here. The weather has been as good as it gets in the Carolinas. Acquaintances around every corner.  Forest Gump ran … Continue reading »

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Running Around

My neighbor yelled at me the other day. I was up on the ladder re-caulking the bedroom window with tubular silicone.  Apparently I had a small leak and couldn’t find it, so I redid the whole damn thing.  Stepping down with caution, I queried what he might have in store.  Surprisingly he asked, “what do … Continue reading »

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February’s Memorable Week

Today, I honor the birthdays’ of two celebrities from my personal life.  George Washington, the ‘father of our country’, and Eleanor, the ‘mother of my person’.   As for the first I hate to dispel the mythical date.   I remember the walls of my elementary classroom for years, festooned in February with initially, portraits, … Continue reading »

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