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A Child Is Born

Posted by on January 24, 2013

Today would have been my mother-in-law’s 83rd birthday.  We couldn’t celebrate this milestone as her light was extinguished some three months ago. I’m not a religious man but I take notion of a grand design, fate, and karma.  I subscribe to the trade-off of life that when something is taken, another is given in return.

Ava Robin was born into this world at 11:31 am on Wednesday morning. My son, Ryan, and his lovely wife, Carolyn, were responsible for this gift, however, it was her choice by Cesarian to pick this date. I am humbled by the fact that she had planned this grandchild on the birthdate of her great grandmother. I am in awe of my daughter-in-law by honoring my wife  when choosing her’s as the child’s middle name.

 I met Ava in person shortly after lunch. In the hour and a half of our short visit, I have yet to hear her cry. She shares only the cooing and gurgling of a well contented young lady.  She is a physical specimen of perfection, looking as if she’s been around for three weeks already. I can only imagine the amazement in the eyes of her 22 month brother. I look forward to their meeting.


I shared lunch with the proud father today and saw in his eyes the joy I experienced some 33 years ago. I could feel the welling up in my eyes and tried in vain to hold back my sentimentality. Relieved that health concerns were erased, I tried to point out how fortunate he and his wife are to have two special and healthy children. Upon our return to the room, I found the ambient light from the western windows had paled in comparison to the glow that her new grandma exuded as she held her with the love that only a mother would know.

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