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Tuesdays with Erin

Posted by on August 9, 2011

For the past three Tuesdays, I have foresaken Ken as a golf partner. Yes, he has been replaced by a younger, prettier, and better golfer. Erin has taken up the sport. And much like he other athletic pursuits, she’s a natural. When she applies the mechanics of my instruction, she outdrives me as well as hitting her fairway woods much better. We’re still trying to overcome that softball swing the the cocking of that left leg. But that will come in time and again she will outshine her competition as she has much of her young life. But I wanted to share a short review with my fellow linksters, much like I share campground reviews, if ever in the South Jersey area. The Pitman Country Club in Sewell, NJ is a public facility having a regulation 18 hole golf course, a practice putting green, a driving range, a full service clubhouse restaurant and bar that also provides excellent catering services.  This original Alexandar Findlay design provides golfers of all abilities the opportunity to enjoy their round, and maybe even break 70, 80, 90 or 100 for the first time!. The layout is relatively short in overall distance and it is forgiving off the tee but it will challenge you with it’s smaller green complexes.  The course is affordable to play with a variety of pricing options and you will always find it in good condition.

The other course we played was the Riverwinds in West Deptford, NJ. I was excited when Erin booked tee times here as I knew this course was place scenicly along the Delaware River, and owned by Ron Jaworski, former Eagle quarterback and now and ESPN analyst. I imagined with that name recognition we were in for a great round. Some months ago, combined families dined here as a post-baptismal feast was held after Xavier’s christening. We imagined the golf to be as good as the dining. Not so. Right off the bat, the carts were all gas-powered and noisy enough that any hint of conversation while riding was out of the question. Our cart felt and sounded as if the drive train were about to drop out at any moment, leaving us with only cold clarity. I asked the starter our remedy should our cart falter out in no man’s land once away from the first tee. He noted the clubhouse number on the steering wheel to call. Erin and I glanced at each other with rolled eyes. Our starter instructed us not to adhere to the rule of 90 degress but to actually drive on the fairways as much as possible. This was another first for me. Only once were we out and about did I understand why. The roughs were so parched and dying of thirst they were actually brown. The course was not well maintained at all, and with a lofty fee, this made for an even more distraught afternoon. I do have to say that holes 13 through 17 lie along the banks of the Delaware, and the cargo ships rolling in, the jets approaching landing, made the Philadelphia skyline look pristine and picturesque. However, this was the only highlight of the course. I could not honestly recommend this venue to a friend. Nevertheless, as the ad states, playing with my daughter was priceless and has made ” Tuesdays with Erin” an anticipated event.










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  1. Debbie

    Your Golf Partner is as beautiful as ever……and no doubt she will output everyone on the course, cause they will be distracted by those eyes and that smile…….

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