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In Good Hands

Posted by on April 17, 2011

We’ve settled in at Lake In Wood Camping Resort once again, having tied everything down by Wednesday. There still is a certain sense of acute awareness that exists here. It’s much more than the elusive “it” factor. The ambiance and environment is reasoning behind the 5* Star rating from Woodalls, but that is exceeded by the unique, congenial nature of its inhabitants. No where else do I find this familial karma. But we’ve not spent much time here lately. Back and forth to New Jersey, running errands, lending a hand, while being mesmerized by the sleep of the X-man. I made yet another trip back this morning, having left behind my C-pap, of which I cannot sleep without. Nephew Eric drove down from the Big Apple for the weekend, and he, Ryan, and I spent some time at the Verizon store. Robin’s birthday is today and I wanted to surprise her with a new IPhone. If you haven’t been to a mobile phone vendor lately, it ‘s worse than buying a new car. You leave with what you want, but the price paid to get there is heavy with tolls of mental frustration and anguish. Nevertheless, if it were easy to purcahse a birthday gift, I imagine it wouldn’t be as meaningful. Ryan’s technical repertoire was 0f significant help to me, since I am somewhat challenged by the complexities of the newest line of smartphones. Back at LIW Robin was not only surprised by ecstatic with the new gift. Later we engaged in our first activity of the season – all the pizza you can eat in the Gnome Cafe. It was a renewed sense of contentment as we reaqauinted with faces from last season. There will be much catching up with the sharing of winter experiences over the next few weeks. It was then my mind took on it’s familiar wandering at the speed of light.  And while driving across the Delaware, my mind’s eye reminisced back some thirty-one years ago.  It was then I recalled holding a precious newborn in my hands and wondering how my young years were going to change. My life has come full circle now as that child I once held, now stopped long enough for my lens; holding his son in much the same way.

Xavier seems to be in ‘good’ hands!



4 Responses to In Good Hands

  1. Lyn

    That baby is precious. Just precious.

  2. Debbie

    Indeed he is in good hands…..and I’m sure the same thoughts are running through Ryan’s mind. He has a good support system, and has been taught good values, little Xavier couldn’t be in better hands than he is. I hear the contentment in your voice since you’re back “home” at LIW……..I’m hoping to spend a little time there with you and Robin this summer……happy trails Gypsy Larry~

  3. larry

    Thank you Lyn, so much for your comments. I do read them as well as your facebook and am enjoying you very much.

  4. Deana

    Now don’t get your head any bigger, connie thinks he looks like Larry- POOR little guy. HAHAHAHA-talk to you soon-Love and miss you guys

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