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Hope Springs Eternal

Posted by on March 27, 2011

Hanging out in Florida this winter has been good for the soul, as well as the mental well being. So much for what sunlight can do for the psyche. However, it has been filled with it’s bevy of ominous occurences. It started with the major theft from our vehicle, losing computer and photography equipment. Then a leak in the shower sent us packing back to Lakeland, followed by another visit this week to repair damaged grouting. Hopefully that will be the last of the bathroom menaces and all behind us. Sure they proved costy in money and time, but then again it’s only money. No one was hurt. And just when we think bad luck has made a hasty exit, we learned just yesterday we that our daughter-in-law, Carolyn, fell on a wet hospital floor while making rounds. This was cause for major concern as she’s eight month pregnant. Admitted to the hospital for eight hours of surveillance and monitoring all proved well with the baby. I’m sure Carolyn’s a bit sore and a bit disheveled by all of this. In time this too shall pass but the fact this is our first granchild,  you can imagine our growing concern for her. Never a dull moment in this bus.I went out for another ten miler on my bike and all I could think of was my daughter-in-law and her unborn child. How could I be so concerned over a human being I have not yet met? My thought process was permeated and consumed by an entity that still is a mystery. In the recent past, I  would often scoff when others would tell me how a grandchild would change my life. Not mine, I would retort. I’ll be a great grandparent but not the normal one. And here I found myself eating my words, being consumed in thought by this unborn miracle. Wow!

We’ll leave Florida this week. Our quest is to be able to visit when the baby arrives in a few weeks. We know this is the time for just mom and dad so we won’t be pesty, however, I can’t comprehend what is in store when I hold that child in my arms for the first time.

We passed the week by doing the usual. Cycling in the morning, lying at the pool in the afternoon, and then taking the pontoon out on the Suwanee in search of some bass until the sun set on the waters. We’ve been bidding adieu to those who have left for more northern climes and by mid week we should be doing the same.







3 Responses to Hope Springs Eternal

  1. Steve

    Grandchildren. I thought the same way that when our grandchildren would arrive nothing would change. Wow, was I in for an awakening. We now have 5 grandchildren and they are fun to watch grow up. Of course my job is to spoil them and then give them back to their parents. The oldest is in 1st grade now and it is fun to watch them learn. We are busy with them and now we are into sleepovers staying with us for a night. You will have fun. It will be hard to leave them. Congrats.

  2. Debbie

    Ahh, the Grandfather in you has bloomed ! I wondered how long it was going to take, but, I knew it was in there somplace. And, you will be a great one! I can only wish for you to feel your heart grow a gozillion sizes, and to be amazed at how your perspective of life will again change when you see and hold that child. And, I don’t think the new parents will mind lots of visits from all the Grandparents…….if for nothing more than moral support, and a pat on the back! Glad that all is well with Carolyn, and am anxiously awaiting more good news! Happy trails to you on your trip north.

  3. Joann Glova Sabato

    Our daughter-in-law, Kelly, gave birth to our first granddaughter last Sunday and she was welcomed home by Daddy, “big brother” Stevie (19 months) and aunts, uncles, friends, and, of course, Mom Mom and Pop Pop. (fortunately not all at the same time!) I have photos of them everywhere–my office, at home, in my wallet and on my phone. It seems that some thought of them pops into my head at least every 10 minutes. Our lives have a whole new perspective. Wherever I go, I always see something that I just have to get for Stevie or Sami (Samantha). All my friends told me that being a grandparent was just the best….well, it is and more! You’ll love it! Joann

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