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Boating with Brutus

Posted by on November 27, 2010

Hey there. Brutus here again. I’m lovin’ it here so far. Larry and Robin met these really neat people soon after setting up. Don and Jackie Smith from Atlanta. They don’t have a dog but so far they’re treating me as their own. I have them in the palm of my hand as well. The four of them rented a pontoon boat the other day and headed up the Suwanee to Manatee Springs in search of the namesake. Much to my chagrin they left me behind. But around noon they were back, packing the cooler with goodies and drinks and this time they took me along. I got to drive with Donald and then Jackie. Buy the time we were returning back, Larry, a bit toasted drove while he held me aloft to see the birds, boats, and blue waters of Cedar Key. We had to fill up with the reserve gasoline as it was all we could do to get back to the dock by dark. Larry always pulls this stuff, pushing the limit of everything just enough to scare the bejesus out of me. I hate being scared and he just seems to live life in order to be a little scared. I was kind of glad to get off that boat anyway, thinking this was the end of the day, but oh, no. They’ve been having a fire every night and all the neighbors seem to gather at our pit. They’ve deemed it the watering hole for some reason. I don’t understand this as I’ve yet to see any water. In fact, all the things that they drink are anything but clear. The neighbors on the other side of us are Georgians as well. But they’re from Savannah. Rodney was a shrimper for most of his life and I’ve heard some really interesting stories about life on the boat, the Perfect Storm, and Bubba Gump. His wife, Dubbie, ( yes, that’s not a misprint). It’s not Debbie but Dubby. She’s an administrative assistant to the local sheriff and they both now own their own excavating company. Rodney’s mother came in just before Thanksgiving and I’ve put the charm on her. I even have her pushing me around the campground in “her” wheelchair. You just gotta love this life. Every morning Larry rides his bike, goes for long walks, while I just hang around with Robin. She takes me for walks around the park and we talk to people but just mostly hang out. They all had a Thanksgiving dinner yesterday but I wasn’t invited. Hopefully I’ll get to take a road trip tomorrow. They haven’t been going much of anyplace as it’s just so beautiful here. I was laying out the other day and heard this noise above, looked up, there was the damn Goodyear Blimp heading to Alabama for the Auburn game, I guess. I’m just happy watching the boats go up an ‘way down upon the Suwanee River’, as Stephen Foster would have it. Here’s some shots of me and my friends on the boat and cavorting about the park.

2 Responses to Boating with Brutus

  1. larry

    And when was it that you were there? Tell me more things to see in the area.

  2. Debbie

    Little Brutus, glad you’re back, you look like you have things well under control! If I were there, we would be spending some quality time on that lazy river, and long slow walkabouts to be sure! How are the squirrels treating you there? The next thing ou need to be getting is a hammock, for your afternoon naps……take care buddy, and please look after you humans, and I’ll be happy to see you at Christmas!

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