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Friday Farewells

Posted by on September 11, 2010

We made a trip to NJ yesterday as Ryan needed to borrow our truck for the evening. Our stay wasn’t long as Thursday evening is the time set aside for any workampers that can get away to meet for dinner. The entire crew of the 20 remaining workers were in tow and the candid barbs and lucid language provided for belly laughs. I just love it when I can belly laugh. As dinner ended Joan rose and put the crowds noise to a hush. She then presented me with a card wishing me well, signed by the “entire family” of LIW. I was astounded. Never before do I remember being speechless. Robin marked the occasion. I felt my eyes well with the salty dampness. It was then I mustered up some verbal thoughts. I owed my new friends at least a thank you.  The words then came easy as my heart poured out the truth. I loved the experience this summer, I loved the place, but the light that made “the party” fun……. was them. These people exude such genuine feelings. I’m reminded of ‘The Velveteen Rabbit‘ when the talk is of someone “real”. They are as real as life will allow. And then it was Friday. Hopping in our golf cart my roommate and I weaved the vast myriad of roads in the park, taking in a last look for awhile. Later Robin suggested we climb atop Silver Hill Mountain, gazing down on the western reaches of the county from our vantage point. It was a neat hike. Thank you Porkmeister, for that suggestion. This afternoon Brutus was taxied to his last Amish haircut, as his groomer found time to gussy him for the trip back West. We tooled around New Holland finishing errands and banking and procuring the all-important, all-omnipotent, bag of whole bean Eight O’ Clock. Getting Brutus was quite audacious. He is now what is called a Shim.  A Shim is a “him” that looks like a “she” due to a bad haircut. When we got back our procrastination was getting the best of us. We really had to ready some clothes and personal items for our hiatus. But I suggested a diversion to Robin. We would go to the Cafe for Mike’s special smoked beef  au jus tonight. It was once again cuisine that tantalized one’s palette. We bid our farewells to several of the workers partaking as we did. One last trip through the park and with each turn it was a hug and a kiss, a handshake here, an embrace there.  Larry M. gives me one of his hand-carved works of Celtic art. Nothing is so powerful as that of the human touch. I am once again humbled. These people, they make my resolve so much stronger. Robin and I are once again blessed. We are better people now, for having made their acquaintance.

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