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End of the Line

Posted by on September 9, 2010

We don’t usually work on Mondays but Jerome (park manager) asked us to work the cafe. It would be the season hurrah for the cafe. From here on out it only opens briefly on the weekends. Feeling it may be busy, he was sure we could keep up with the orders. Busy! Short order cook. Families came in droves and there was nothing short about any of their orders. This was the busiest day we had this summer. We’d expected that a lot of campers would be pulling out since school and work would be back in session the next day. They must have all decided to have breakfast prior to leaving. I didn’t have a chance to turn my back away from the grille except for an occasional greeting from the many patrons that I’ve befriended this summer. By the time I looked up and saw no more order tickets, it was well after 11. Three and a half hours of steady streaming orders and 143 customers served in that time. Going out with a bang was relished. I would have hated to have been bored on the last day. I’ll miss the cajoling with Jerome and the daily bantering. We’ve also enjoyed working with Mike, the Porkmeister. He made our transition as newbies go very smoothly, took me under his wing and showed me ropes I never experienced. I’ve learned so much from him. Also this past week, Robin and I were guests of Klaas and Judy (owners of the park). Klaas decided we would all go out to dinner.  Apparently if you’re going to be invited back the following year, this is protocol. They picked us up at our site, and it was just a half hour drive to our destination. We dined at Emily’s Restaurant, a historic wayside manor, situated on Route 10 between Reading and Morgantown. The cuisine was sublime, the company comforting, and we were treated as celebrities. Klaas forced more food on us than we’ve been used to as of late. Even passing on dessert was not going to happen. During a lull in the conversation, just about the time the fruit and ice cream appeared, we were invited back for the following year. This is something that I’d never thought I’d do. That is to work in the same place two years in a row, regardless of how well we like it. Afterall, I’m the gypsy man. Moving all the time. But this experience has been unique. I’m not adept enough with the King’s English to do justice to describe the hospitality and the feeling of peace we’ve found here. My father was the most genuine of men that I’ve ever known. It was apparent to me that he would never have an equal. However, I have never been so impressed by someone as I am Klaas Bakker. It looks as if our rule will be broken. Our plans are to return again.

4 Responses to End of the Line

  1. Sammy

    Thanks so much for writing this good content! I am looking forward to seeintg more blogs!

  2. Debbie

    Gypsy, it’s OK to return on a favorite place…….expecially one that gives you a such a sense of wellbeing that this Lake in Wood has given to you and Robin. That’s the thing about the “rules of the road”, you make them up as you go!

  3. Mike Walling

    Larry, it has been an honor to have worked with you this summer. I truely do not deserve the praise you give me. I say we blow a day off next season and you cook with me at a KCBS Cook-off next season. Let Jarome get someone else in the Cafe for a day and we will go kick some ASS!

  4. Ann & Jerome

    HEY HEY, we are soooo happy you are coming back again next year. This is wonderful news. I’m glad your surgery went well! All the prayers worked wonders and He is awesome as always!!! Jerome and I are looking forward to your recovery here at our home!!! Don’t forget the football room!!!

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