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A Mile High

Posted by on May 13, 2010

Much of our time while awaiting Robin’s final visits to her dentist and doctor have been spent at the gym, hitting balls at the range as she gets accustomed to her new irons, and dodging the rain. It’s almost uncanny how we can weave through a day without doing much of anything and then it’s over. This is the first time since December with Tom and Deana that we’ve had retirement days like this. I’m enjoying it for the time being but getting a little antsy to get back to some real work. But the other day, my nephew Eric invited me to fly in his plane. He had received his pilot’s license a few year ago and has purchased part ownership in a small plane. I  jumped at the chance. I met him at Waynesburg airport around noon. He asked me where I would like to go. Not having a specific target I suggested Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers, our old homestead farm in Holbrook and anywhere else he wanted to journey. The cockpit was mesmerizing as I looked at all the gauges and gadgets, but Eric was quick to point out each and everyone to me and their purpose. I was pleasantly surprised at his knowledge and he made me feel quite comfortable, despite  a little  tepidness on my part. Yes this was exciting but my flying had been limited to commercial jets with several inches of frame and steel between me and the atmosphere. The first several minutes had us tooling around at about 3000 feet and the view was amazing. However, the control tower at Allegheny Airport had us climb to a little over a mile high to avoid several other planes and medical helicopters in the area. But we were allowed to lower our air space once we approached Pittsburgh about a half hour later. This enable me to snap off a few decent photos. The quality is not what I wanted as I was shooting through a windshield but nevertheless it was still great to see the places that I haunted from this aerial view. After circling the City of Bridges three or four times we headed back to Greene County. It was fun to point out landmarks that I recognized from on high.  Soon we were flying over the farm that Robin and I had lived on for most of our married lives. It looked much cleaner and neat from above, not being able to note the overgrowth of brush and weeds since being taken over by the mines and put into abandonment. He circled as we lowered and I felt myself being pushed into the side of the plane, He commented about the G forces affected us at the time. Eric commented on the fact that this “bank” was the most extreme he has undertaken, doing a complete “360” on my behalf. I was ready to return to the airstrip as he commented on the white and pale condition of my face. After a few hours of viewing the countryside it was now time to return for our landing. My queasiness was piqued. Eric brought us in for a landing like the consummate professional. I actually could not feel the touchdown. For a man of a mere 25 years, I can honestly say this was the best pilot I had experienced. He made for such and enjoyable afternoon. Please enjoy the slideshow.

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  1. Debbie

    Great pictures, looking forward to more! Happy Trails…

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