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New Friends

Posted by on January 13, 2010

We made some new friends this week as I was just walking around the campground. Cher and Greg are into the fulltiming just in the last four months. chergregThey sold the house in Vegas, bought a MH and hit the road. Greg still does IT consulting work from the front office in his Fiesta. Another enigmatic figure is Susan H. who left Oregon in October after selling off the house, purchased her Mini Winnie and hit the road. She rolled in here the first of the month. susanSusan is a brave soul, one of the few solo WOW’s that I know. In case you’re not familiar with the acronym and WOW is a Woman On Wheels. She’s a fascinating blend of shaman, existentialist, spiritual counselor and road warrior. I spend a lot of time chatting with her regarding things that traverse over many dimensions and time. She has a great blog at . The other evening we wanted to introduce the three of them to “Chickenfoot” along with Tom and Deana. Being that there were seven of us and possibly two more, it would have been a hard fit in anyone’s rig. gang-chickenfooting The campground managers were kind enough to allow us use of the clubhouse. We all brought a potpourri of covered dishes and goodies, playing into the night and eating until we were about to explode. The days have been spent just tooling around the area, visiting anything that looks interesting, and reading on the beach. Nights have still been cooler than the freezing mark but the sunsets are still taking my breath away as I peer out the side window of the RV to the likes of this:

sunsetNow tomorrow I have to start getting my act into gear and get something constructive done instead of holding court in the campground cul de sac and jawing over the day’s musing with the locals.

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