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Too Many Coincidences

Posted by on October 5, 2009

Robin and I went for our daily morning walk and upon returning to the entrance of the RV park we encountered a couple that was hitching up their toad to their RV. We stopped to ask if they needed assistance. They declined as they had done this a countless number of times. But it did give us a chance to chat and meet Laurie(Lawrence) and Trent B. She surprised me by asking if we were going to watch the Steelers. Surprised because I noticed a Virgina license plate on the back of their rig. Apparently there were Steeler fans as well. And then they brought up the fact that they had friends in Washington, PA, a mere 7 miles from our stix and brix abode.  And then she mentioned Shorty’s Lunch. Shorty’s is a hot dog institution in southwestern PA and should be one of Guy Fieri’s segments on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Their dawgs are regionally famous. The fact that they knew of the place literally blew me away. As the conversation went on, we found that Laurie and Trent were actually here as part of a rally. They were members of of an FMCA chapter called the Swinging Golfers. Apparently this group camps the Mid Atlantic states to Florida while getting together for golf, camaraderie and the celebration of food. The next thing that raised the brow was the fact that they were on their way to Willow Tree Resort near Myrtle Beach. This was a resort in which Robin and I had worked last spring and summer. Imagine that. Now they had us hooked. What were the chances of meeting Steeler fans, who dined at Shorty’s Lunch, knew of home back home, golfed, frequented the same RV parks, and she having the same first name of your’s truly. Oh, the simple moments of this lifestyle that keep us smiling. Laurie went to their rig and promptly handed us an application to join their chapter of Swinging Golfers. So hopefully we’ll join the group somewhere on the links or in a park to engage in pleasantries, food, and camaraderie. We spent the rest of the day downsizing our “stuff”, watching football, and talking with Ryan and Carolyn about plans for their upcoming wedding in less than two weeks. A good day today.


One Response to Too Many Coincidences

  1. Mike Boyt

    Larry, I am Mike Boyt, President elect of the Swinging Golfers!!! We were at the Roanoke Rapids rally but left before Trent and Laurie. We would love to have you join us!!!!! We live in Wake Forest, NC and also have a Shorty’s that is famous for his hotdogs!!!!!

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