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Coincidences from the Pulpit

Posted by on July 18, 2009

bully-pulpitSpeaking from the ‘bully pulpit’ once again.  Speaking of coincidences here’s what I’m referring to.  I was growing a bit bored as the course ‘Starter’. Yes, it’s a significant position on the links. You control the entire flow of play. You’re actually the manager of everyone on the course for the day.  Yet, that’s a paltry task compared to previous duties. But then enter Harry, an octogenarian who volunteers as a course ‘ranger’.  He relayed to me the previous day’s X-rays revealed a cracked vertebra.  He would no longer be able to ride his cart.  I offered my position to him.  Not something I relished.  I was ‘taking one for the team.’  My children have ingrained in me that good karma follows when you help someone out.  The more days I put behind me, the more I realize the pieces of my existence seem to assemble themselves into patterns, into different coincidences, whether or not I perceive them. Each piece, whether it be an act, an occurence, a word, or a decision-creeps along in search of its position. Once the piece is there, I cannot remove it any more than I can delete having lived through yesterday. Our hours, with their invisible magnetism, arrange and re-arrange our fate, momen by moment, grinding off our existence.

On another thought, I’m trying to reduce my swearing. Most swearwords, are just too easy to say. Don’t you think if ‘plethora’, for example or ebullient, or somnambulent meant what the f-word means, we’d hear it less often.

3 Responses to Coincidences from the Pulpit

  1. Michael Lockridge

    I asked the shrinks at work about expletives. I work in a jail, and similarly to the military expletives are a common part of the modes of conversation. If you don’t use expletives the inmates don’t take you seriously, for some reason. Strategic expletives, serving to underline and provide emphasis.

    The shrinks had no real theory, other than the emotional content of words that become expletives are useful. One suggested German words, since they sound particularly emphatic to English ears.

    I knew a lady who used “corn” as an expletive. I find it unsatisfying, and it made her sound rustic and stupid. I, however, sound ever so sophisticated being able to swear in three languages. Um. Yeah.

    Congratulations on the excellent karmic choice. Though not all kindnesses are rewarded, no kindness is wasted.

  2. larry

    Thanks for you input. You always give a different spin on things and I enjoy that thought process. Not doing well on the expletives but I’ll give it a try. However, i’ll never replace the f-bomb with corn. If I go that far right, I’m toast

  3. Debbie

    Larry, I imagine someting new, in something I knew about you……….so I’ll call it “Larryism’s…….everything you need to know about the life of a Gypsy……….and some you may never have imagined!”, should be a best seller, right up there with your coffee table book of photos……….

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