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Don't Lose the True Spirit

Posted by on December 24, 2008

We’re in New Jersey now and this is a first for us.  For the past 32 years of marriage Christmas eve has always been at the home of my parents until their passing.  Being the firstborn, that traditional torch burned on my front porch and the family came to us for the festive events of the evening.  Now, my son is starting his own life and our daughter is visiting with him and his fiance.  Henceforth, the trek was made east to be with the offspring.  This has been an unsettling set of circumstances for Robin.  She is handling the change the best that she can however, she has not yet accepted another stage of life that is inevitable.  I try best to comfort her and point out the positives of this new level.  But in doing so, it turns out that I am being the bad guy.  I knew this would happen but it’s still unnerving that it did.  This too shall pass.  And so much of life passes that we waste with hurt feelings, or anger, or change.  But what it really is in the end is just a miscommunication as we all perceive things quite differently in our own minds.  So, wherever you are, and whomever you are that reads these words….don’t allow trivial emotions or words or attitudes to alter your love for your families.  Life is too precious to waste on mispoken words.  Just love each other.  Merry Christmas to all of you.

4 Responses to Don't Lose the True Spirit

  1. Papa John

    Hi Larry & Robin!
    I check in now and then to be inspired by your writings…. you have a gift with words, Larry! I was moved this Christmas day after reading this entry, to respond to your words of wisdom.
    Just wanted to say hi and let you know that you touch others with your writings.
    Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year to you both!
    Papa John

  2. Donna

    Change of any sort,requires courage!! I have a plaque with that inscription hanging in my office and look at it often. After all I am the queen of change as the life I am living now is at least my 3rd in my adult life. I have survived and actually thrived along the way. We love you guys and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and we’ll see you soon

  3. Lewis

    Merry Christmas from all of your friends in Selma, NC

  4. Debbie

    At this time of year passes, I feel an overwhelming sadness for my Sister, that I haven’t scene since our Dad was passing, and she said…….”If I could just get him out on his tractor one more time, he’d be OK”…….,I think the holidays brings it back………and she forgets what she has to look forward to…… traditions, and always her family to love her, no matter where her travels take her. We all need to let her know that every day of her life………..

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