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Wanting to Move and Can’t

Posted by on March 21, 2012

Spring break has arrived at many southern high schools as well as campuses throughout America. Snowbirds are igniting their deisels in the annual migration north. And gasoline prices have risen every day for the past twelve. Isn’t that ironic. How uncanny that these moves up and down coincide with each other. My own yearnings are to pack and go as well. Not for any reason other than a move is long overdue.

“It isn’t about finding oneself by leaving, it’s about finding oneself by living.”

For the past few weeks I find myself not really living but merely existing. I’m enjoying each day. But there exists no semblance of ecstacy to stir the soul]. A move, a move anywhere is imminent. I’m realizing that my aging soul rests best when the stay in one place doesn’t exceed a month. After that time I feel more a settler than a traveler. And a settler I’m not. The weather has been sublime, and problems and worries are scant. Yet a sameness settles over my existence that begins a new chapter of boredom. There are no complaints but a yearning to enter the unknown once again.  Maybe the tales are becoming mundane and my fellow comrades relate stories that I’ve heard twice each this month. Enough of the philosophical. It’s just the no see-ums picking at my legs. Yesterday, a horse fly bit me on the back—through a T-shirt.

A mosquito picked Brutus up and carried him three feet this morning. “I kin take dem damn bugs no mo’.” Yet the leave is put on hold. Robin’s left jaw looks as if my right hook landed squarely. The alleviation of pressure on the bad tooth has left her left side looking as if she been in quite the melee. On Monday, we learned that a previous root canal had gone bad. Bacterial infection has set it. The surgeon opted not to repair it yet due to the severity of pain. He drilled the tooth and cut an incision between gum and cheek to alleviate pressure and provide an outlet for the infection. Sleep has been the result of several pain killers. Oral surgery is scheduled for Friday, so the move North, waits for a few more days.


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