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Mean Mother Nature

Posted by on November 4, 2011

Saturday was our last day at work in the Gnome Cafe. Plans were to work breakfast and lunch and the close by 2 pm. This would give us preparation time for the big Halloween dinner and party being held later that evening. By 9 am. the snow started in a drizzle and in an hour, everything was white. At noon, there were at least four inches. The snow was wet and heavy and you could begin to see branches bow due to our late summer and an overabundance of leaves still on the trees. Directly before closing the power went down and clean-up was not an option. Things had gotten severe in a short time such that traction on the paved roads was nearly impossible, golf carts were rendered useless, the we took on blizzard-like conditions. It soon became apparent that the great Halloween party and any subsequent evening activities were going to be cancelled. The park was full this weekend so this came much to the chagrin of all residents. However, this act of nature could be blamed on no one. We left the cafe and headed back to our rig only to find a 40′ long tree had broken and placed itself across the top of our roof, rendering the rear slide out useless. Things continued to worsen and the crack of trees breaking outside sounding much like a shooting range. Sounds were ominous and every few seconds another loud “crack” would sound and you had to look to see if anything around you was going to come down nearby. We fired up the generator and I was wise enough to load up the water tank so we would be fine for awhile. I began thinking however, that it was one thing if I couldn’t move the bus, but another if the truck should encounter damage and we be without any transportation. It was then that we decided to move it to the main parking lot, safe from the possibility of more falling trees. Lock it into four-wheel drive as no one was going anywhere without it. In fact, the heavy and now ten inch blanket was making even four wheeling a bit unnerving. Driving to the parking lot I found many vans, and cars spinning in place, trying desperately to make their way out somehow. Where they were going was a surprise to me as the main road outside the park was even more of a disaster than the manicured ones inside. I spent much of the evening towing people out of their misery and into the parking lot whereby they could get a bit of traction. We parked our truck and started walking back to the motohome. While we were gone another problem posed itself. A large limb went thru the front of the grille, knocking off our hood covering that houses the wiper apparatus, fluid tanks, and other mechanical instruments. How fortunate we were that both tree fallings happened while we were not at home. We hunkered down for the night, found one channel on the TV as the cable system went out and started to return emails. It’s been four days now without water, the electricity was restored yesterday, and the damage to the park and units in the thousands. But the skeleton crew is doing yeoman work in restoring as much as possible. We had planned on leaving early this week but are still awaiting a backed-up insurance adjuster. We’re doing our best at lending a hand with anything needed. Sure our plans are altered but being retired, there’s no time table. Shortly we’ll head for the midwest and visit some old friends we haven’t seen in two year. More on our travels shortly. Enjoy the slideshow.



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