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Brutus’ Bantering

Posted by on September 27, 2011

I am just so exhausted. The past three weeks have been a whirlwind for me and I’ve spent most of the weekends alone. I’m missing my Robin severely. You see, she and Larry are the only cafe caretakers in the park. The other cooks have gone South, East, and West. So they work on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They seem to like it but when they return home, I find them too tired to take me out to play. Sure I get my walk in, but I want to lift my leg on everything in the park and they just don’t seem into it. At the beginning of the week I attach myself to Robin as I know we’re headed for Jersey. I’m not crazy about this trip and especially Sadie, but I have to be near Robin. Larry has started calling me by a pseudonym…….”Velcro”. I don’t like that name. And get this. Mom bought a park model. It’s nice, much more room, but I don’t know where I live anymore. Larry vaccilates between the motorcoach and this new “lakehouse”. I’ll have to get a photo for you. You can’t believe the trips in the golf cart I have to take back and forth from the coach to the new house, bringing in my beds, my toys, my food, not to mention all the chotchkies that mom brings in for decorations. Give me a blanket and a set of outstretched legs to lay on and I’m in doggie heaven.  So we babysit here in NJ the first part of the week. I have to admit that little Xavier is a succulent face. He smiles and laughs a lot and all I want to do is lick that little shit. However, he’s garnering all of mom’s attention while we’re there. I think she enjoys playing with him far more than me. And how does she get that energy when she’s around the new baby…..she doesn’t have it for me anymore. On the few off days they have, I get all excited thinking we’re going cruising the countryside. But noooo, all we do is run errands, get to shop for items for the cafe and rest. Mom left the back door open by mistake the other day. When they went off to work, I went out the back door, down the steps and headed back to the motorhome in search of them. Just as I was trotting by the mini-golf, a camper picked me up and deterred my journey. They carried me to the cafe and asked if anyone knew of this lost dog. Hell, I wasn’t lost. I was on a mission, heading back to my old home. Larry came to the door, thanked the campers and Robin took me back to the new home. This doesn’t end. We headed back to Pittsburgh at the beggining of the week. I’m snuck into a hotel room in a bag, only to have to sit at my aunts house while these two give me some kind of bullshit story about going for checkups. I get checkups and hate them, so I know they have to be lying. No one would intentionally go for a checkup. The next day we go to their friends to stay. I don’t know where I live anymore, everyday a different venue. And not much attention I’m getting. I can tell you that. So we make the trip back to Lake In Wood earlier than expected, not staying in western PA very long. A phone call to mom has us packing up and heading back rather quickly. I hear a sadness in their tone as we mesmerize down the turnpike. We get back, and Larry spends his first night in the new lakehouse. It’s a somber place. They’re both shedding tears and I don’t understand the dilemma. A softness has dampened the campground. Something is wrong. I can’t put my paw on it. I’ll soon find out.

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