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Posted by on November 30, 2010

As usual I was up before dawn cracked the dark horizon. No one stirred here at home or in any other site around. Dressed and shoed, the sun cast enough of its glow to allow for a morning ride. I peddaled out of the campground and far enough down the highway until I spied a dirt road off to my left . I had to take it. Ending up at an unknown pond, my eyes were drawn to two empty chairs. Walking the weather shorn boards, looking down into the waters, seeing everything before me mirrored right back at me. It had me thinking; ” I’m changing, arranging.  I’m changing everything, everything around me. Oh my sorrows, sad tomorrows, take me back to my own home. The changing of moonlight to sunlight, reflections of my life. We sailed from the port of indecision, young and wild with oh, so much to learn. Days turned into years as we tried to fool our fears. But to the port of indecision I have returned.

One Response to Reflections

  1. Debbie

    A picture is worth a thousand words…..the words bring memories of a fondly remembered song……and ring true for so many of our decisions in life dear friend…….Happy Trails~

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