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Body Inspections A Go

Posted by on November 6, 2010

The trip West boded well as body inspections proved that the change in diet has had meritorious effects. Blood work showed that cholesterol and triglycerides are in check. The teeth have been buffed and vacuumed. No cavities are in evidence, caps and crowns remain steadfast, and we are antsy with anticipation for the journey South. While there Robin was able to visit with her mom and one sister. I got to play golf with my sister, Lisa, albeit temperatures in the 40’s.Rohanna’s Golf Course opened after the morning frost has succumbed to a bit of sunlight. The gas powered carts overpowered the still of the morning but it was a good thing we chose not to walk. This course is much like playing on a roller coaster with the ups and downs coming with each hole. Not a rolling fairway to be seen here but nonetheless it was much better than not playing at all. We scampered back here though fearing that we had set the temperature too low in the RV and didn’t want to chance any damage . One last stop for Robin this coming Wednesday as she sees an orthopeadic surgeon. It seems that her knee has been giving her a great deal of discomfort. Yes, this is the same one she had the arthroscopy on last August. I’m not sure if accompanying me on my daily jaunts over hill and dale were of sound mind. Hopefully, an injection will suffice for the coming months. Neither of us want to continue the stay above the Mason-Dixon Line and we’re hoping a knee replacement isn’t in the mix as of yet.  So here we sit, downsizing once again in preparation for our upcoming move. The offspring will be celebrating birthdays this week. Yes, they’re both November babies as they were definitely planned some three decades ago. Valentine’s Day gifts they were. Robin decided in early February, both in ’79 and then again in ’81, that she was ready for motherhood. So instead of chocolates wrapped in satin ruby boxes, the 14th was celebrated in an alternative manner. The planning couldn’t have been better if contemplated any other way.

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  1. Debbie

    I’m glad your round trip was a good one, with everything being in place and working like a well oiled machine! I’m sorry I missed you this trip, but, I knew your time was limited. I wish you a safe trip south, and many days of sunshine and laziness…….and eyecandy for your blogs~Happy Trails to you Gypsy Larry

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