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RV Park Review, Amarillo, TX

Posted by on April 9, 2010

The past several days have been a blur of driving. There is a quest to “get back” for personal, business, and medical appointments that need to be met. As a result the ‘Rule of 350’ went out the window. That rule mandated that we not travel more than 350 miles in a day or get off the road by 3:50 p.m. In fact, most of the time we travel has usually been under four hours on the road. But the last few days have been twice that. We parked in a Walmart in Gallup, NM as a result of the late hour and not being able to find a suitable campground in the late and dark hours. From there it was onto Amarillo, Texas. We need a rest and a decent park to refuel the rig and our bodies. Fortunately the Big Rig Book showed us the Oasis RV Resort that was just opened in 2007. Although the park still lacks a few bits of eye candy such as the landscaping and flowers, I couldn’t have been more surprised. The cost was $20 per night and if you stayed for two you got the third one free. So while in the office I opted for a washing on sight. Yes, they come to your rig and wash and dry it for a whopping $38. I just couldn’t believe it. They have a large quanset hut on the premises where RV repairs and needs take place. The bath houses are immaculate and individual, not the locker room type. An yes, Virginia, there is a pool, activity room, impeccable laundry facilities, paved roads and the sites can accommodate lengths up to 80 feet. While checking in at the office they informed us of their dining room. So after walking around and talking to some of the other RVers in the park, we sauntered over to the dining room. There we both had a three course dinner with dessert and refreshments for a whopping $19. We’re not talking a hot dog or hamburg here. I had the brisket , beans, coleslaw, bread, and pie, while Robin opted for the ham dinner with all the trimmings. We were served by a pert, young workamper of 18, who relayed to us that she and her family have been traveling and workamping for the past 11 years. She’s is in a different school twice per year, making it difficult to make boyfriends, but she wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything. Now that she is off to nursing school, her family has decided not to move for the next few years. Her demeanor and personality were ebullient and she made the dinner tha much better. Every corner I turned I was amazed. If you’re ever near Amarillo, this stop is a must. It’s not a place you might stay for a month, nor are there amenities for children but I’m not looking for that either. My needs are a flat site, paved, internet, clean, along with some elbow room. I would have to rate this park an 8.5 and would certainly highly recommend it. We shall return.

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  1. Debbie

    Gypsy Larry, I’m filing all these parks away, in the hopes that when I grow up and retire, that I will someday visit all of these places that you’ve shown me! Happy Trails to you, until, we meet, again~

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