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Towing Changes and Downsizing

Posted by on October 7, 2009

our-siteWe’ve finally downsized all that we can in the past week. The reasoning behind this was two-fold. I traded both the Jeep Wrangler and our trailer and purchased a new crew cab truck. The deal was finalized last week but there were still bugs that needed to be worked out. Robin will again follow me down the road, towing my Goldwing while I drive the RV. A couple of things on the plus side here. First and foremost we reduced our monthly payments on the aforementioned vehicles. We’re now paying insurance on one vehicle instead of two. When we wanted to take friends to dinner or out anywhere, we always had to ask them to drive as it was just too difficult tucking the women into the back seat. The biggest reason however was the fact that we were extremely limited to the number of RV parks and campgrounds we could fit into. With the motorhome towing the trailer we were just a bit over 70 feet. Even if a park had a storage lot, I had to back in, unhook, and then have the storage trailer sit away from the site. Not a very well thought out plan on my part. Oh well, live and learn. After all these years, you think I’d have learned enough by now. Everytime I find myself learning something new, it’s always costing me money. And that’s what had me vacillating so much with this purchase. In the end, I think it will be a good thing. We towed the trailer back to the dealer yesterday with the new truck and I’m amazed at just how much fuel toting this behemoth along was costing us. So there’s another good reason for the move. It also allowed us to rid ourselves of things we thought we may need and have not used since we left the stix and brix house in January. Not much else going on here in the meantime. Robin and I have been taking short bicycle rides in the morning, a little walk in the afternoon, and topping that off with the jacuzzi and wine in the evenings. I’m starting to get a bit bored but this will soon come to an end. I’m planning to fly to Philly on Saturday. Bachelor party for Ryan that night and then I’ve procured tickets to the Eagles-Buccaneers game on Sunday. I’ll fly back here on Monday morning while Robin holds down the fort with Brutus. Oh by the way, did I tell you what kind of truck it was? You’ll love this one Jay. It’s a Nissan Titan. Good choice, huh?titan

2 Responses to Towing Changes and Downsizing

  1. michael lockridge

    It will be interesting to see how running the two vehicles rather than the weighty tow changes your numbers.

    Since my current rv is a Ranger with a truck bed tent, I am a bit lower on the chain but also relatively cheap. I appreciate your sharing your knowledge and assisting me in making wise (r) choices as I step up a bit in the future.


  2. cherie

    Oh arry It is one of my favourite looking trucks grat choice and white is awesome. Happy trailing love to both CEK

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