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Clean,then the Greens

Posted by on October 9, 2009

robingolfing1This morning turned into a cleaning frenzy. It wasn’t planned that way. I just wanted to get outside and enjoy all the sunshine. Then I noticed all the bugs on the front of the truck. And the water spots on the Goldwing along with all the dust. Getting cleaning products out of the rear bay put me on track to then take on the underneath bays next. Robin got busy inside taking down window blinds and scrubbing them, vacuuming, and applying Clorox cleanup to everything she could. Every time I do this I keep finding things that we haven’t used in months and wonder why I brought it along. By the time we had everything spit shined it was almost one in the afternoon. You see, everyday here on the road isn’t ladened with fun and games. There is work to be done and many of our hours are as hum-drum as anyone else’s. So we decided to treat ourselves to a round of golf. There’s a decent flat course about 20 miles down I-95 and at $44 for both of us, you can’t beat the price. The only thing is the course isn’t well manicured and one could find themselves losing a ball in the fairway as the rye is tall and soft. Robin beat me on the front nine. I told her that it was because I was worrying about her game too much but she doesn’t try to kill the ball and usually hits it straight down the middle as a result. So much for ego. Picked up a few items at Walmart on the way home, dined on salad and salmon and settled in to watch the Thursday night line-up. A pretty productive day, all in all.

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