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Escalator 101

Posted by on June 5, 2009

One of the requests of the Medora Foundation is to have its employees work a few hours of overtime at the Musical.  The musical begins tonight, June 3rd, and will run until mid September.  There are several part-time evening positions ranging from vending, to working concessions, parking vehicles, and escorting those that need assistance in walking, onto a golf cart.  However, the job that caught my attention the most was that of escalator attendant.  I have seen escalators in airports, shopping malls, PNC Park, at parking garages and a multitude of places.  escalatorThe most evident of these belted stairways is inside a JC Penneys, leading from the ground to the second floor. In my fifty seven years, I have never come across an escalator attendee.  So this evening, we received an in-service in attending to people riding an escalator. Apparently, since North Dakota is so flat there aren’t many escalators, especially in the western end of the state. Perhaps there are no multi-level malls to gain practice.  After a forty-five minute presentation, I now feel as if I have a master’s degree in the Principles of Escalating.  Oh, well. Another culture shock for me. And still lovin’ it.

5 Responses to Escalator 101

  1. Michael Lockridge

    I recall a deadpan stand-up comedian who observed that escalators are the perfect machine. When they break down they simply become stairs.

    “Sorry for the convenience.”


  2. Debbie

    Gypsy, did Robin take the elevator class? Being born in Greene County, we had limited access to elevators, until our first trip to South Hills Village, and Robin being Robin, was fascinated……ask her about going down the elevators, and the Nuns…………needless to say, we made quite an impression, and they made quite a save………..

  3. larry

    The perfect machine they are. And it so happened that the first night of the musical someone did have trouble negotiating the revolving stairs. Robin took the class as well and got as much a kick out of it as I.

  4. Donna

    Off the subject-fascinating though it is! Neil wants me to tell you the the bar near the racetrack-THE FINISH LINE is looking for an experienced short order cook!! Some thing to think about

  5. larry

    Well if you can procure their phone number for me and perhaps a name, that may be a reason to head home early.

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