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What the Hell is Going on Here

Posted by on April 13, 2009

Just what the hell is going on here. I can’t get the hang of this thing, still after four months. I get a bit settled and then, like a flash, they’re up and moving about.  And before I know it, I’m sitting on her lap and we’re moving again, down the highway, and I”m looking out the picture window. I have no idea what this is all about.  All I know is that it seems as if every time I wake up, I’m in a different place.  And all I can think of is all that stuff I have buried on the side of the house and trotting up the street so each and every neighbor can give me goodies.  Ahh!  The old days are gone I think.brutus1

6 Responses to What the Hell is Going on Here

  1. Ryan

    Damn, that dog is smart. Who the hell knew he could type, let alone connect to the internet, log into your blog and add a post. F-in crazy!!! Way to go Brutus!!!

  2. rikky

    please elaborate on this idea of the run and gun – I am misled by the metaphor although a few pilots have expressed to me behind their words the fashion of disillusion with time and place or where abouts.

    fun post

  3. larry

    Its not as bad a run and gun as Brutus suggests. I never stay less than two days in a place, wanting enough time to at least check out some human interest story. But there have been places that curling up with a good book in the recliner is more mental motivation than the locals can provide.

  4. Debbie

    Finally, Brutus blogs, and lets us know what’s really going on behind those wise little eyes of his………or, maybe, he’s really Gypsy Larry………..let us hear more from Brutus in the future!

  5. Donna

    Brutus is THE DOG!! and is sorely missed by his best friend Neil!!! The picture will go a long way to keep the friendship going.


    I love reading posts regarding the third party views of our loving furry friends!

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