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Running from the Rains

Posted by on April 2, 2009



We’ve decided to head south and west to avert any head- collisions with the monsoons of the Midwest.  It was decided to go due South through Raleigh and once again say hello to our daughter.  But this decision didn’t warrant any time away from the rains.  In fact, once we reached the southern border of Pennsylvania the rains started and eight hours later they continued to deluge the windshield upon entering Wake County.  The local Walmart served as our abode.  You would think there would be campgrounds either in or near the city of Raleigh, but not so.  In fact, I’m finding that North Carolina, for as beautiful and pastoral as it is,  lags far behind most states in the number of RV Parks that if offers. 

Westward ho! And let us see how far I-40 takes us until I tire from the drive.  As was pass by Black Mountain, nearing Asheville, I see a sign noting Chimney Rock.  This is the site at which much of the movie, “The Last of the Mohicans” was filmed.  If you haven’t seen the movie, do so.  The scenery alone is worth the two hour viewing. It’s still raining.  I’ve decided to keep driving although I’m way past the limit which I set for myself behind the wheel.  But I’d much rather be driving in this that to be hunkered down with nothing to do and nowhere to go in the spring monsoon season.  So up and over we go.  Traversing the eastern edge of the Great Smoky Mountains, continuing on I-40 and deciding to head into Gatlinburg. Exit I-40 and south on 66.  We heading to River Plantation RV Park in nearby Seveirville.  We must be close.  Every other billboard is graced with the blonde wig and boobs made ever so popular by the Parton of Dollywood.  Need to rest now, it’s been a long day behind the wheel.

One Response to Running from the Rains

  1. Debbie

    These must be the reality check side of RV life, which is good to know for those of us that are anchored to our stick abodes. We have rain and clouds here as well, but, not the storms…..and we are expecting hopefully our last wintry blast of the season next week………as we all know in our area, the Easter Snow………

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