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Medora, ND

Posted by on April 29, 2009


We awoke today to snow falling on the ground and temperatures in the mid 30’s. It’s a far cry from the past week as we’ve settled here in Medora in answer to a job looking for golf course employees.  More about that in a minute. Medora is located a mere mile off Interstate 94 in western North Dakota.  It’s a town of, now get this 96 people.  However, when the season begins here at Memorial Day, the throngs swell to the thousands and this hamlet becomes a mecca of the tourism trade.  I’ve been hired as a starter/player assistant and Robin will be working in the pro shop at the Bully Pulpit Golf Course.  Medora and the golf course both lie at the south entrance of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  In fact, the course takes it’s name from the fact that when he was on a rant, or filibustering, or just espousing his own brand of wisdom, T. R said he was speaking from the “bully pulpit”.  I’ll get tell you more of the story behind all this in perhaps tomorrow’s edition.  Our workamper experience is being delayed , due to the fact that the course opening has been put back for a few weeks.  For the first time in history, the Little Missouri River flooded its banks last week and about a third of the fairways, greens and  tees have been deluged with silt, debris and anything a swollen river can leave behind in it’s aftermath.  There is a unique way to clean this mess and we’ll photograph this tomorrow but for now, we both have to get out our waterproof coveralls, find some rubber boots and gloves and head into town to get some BenGay as it looks as if we’ll need it.

4 Responses to Medora, ND

  1. Melissa

    Love the photographs of the horses and snow falling…but seriously are you sure you want to spend from now until October-ish taking care of a golf course??? doesn’t sound that appealing to me…but whom am I…I drive everyday to Pittsburgh, getting stuck in traffic for who knows how long…OK…I retract my previous statement…I will trade you…could be fun 🙂

    Have a good day 🙂 Stay Dry!!!

  2. larry

    Melissa, so far its a bit of an enigma. It’s the dirtiest, most miserable job we’ve ever had. Water all day on top of rain and snow and sore muscles everywhere. We couldn’t be happier at the moment. The scenery is amazing and the small town America is out of a novel somewhere in time.

  3. Melissa

    You should contact Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs and see if he will come and do a segment on it…he thrives for that type of job.

    Have a safe “hurt-free / ache-free” weekend 🙂

  4. Donna

    Can’t say you are both unwilling to do anything. It sounds as though anything is wet, dirty and difficult. Good luck at the course and we’ll be in touch. The crowd is gone from here so I’ll be blogging again.Before I forget-are you on facebook yet??

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