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Bucket List-Badlands on a Bike

Posted by on April 26, 2009



We continued on to Interior and a short two miles up the road we stopped for lunch at the Badlands visitors center. We met a couple of workampers manning the jewelry counter of original Sioux accessories and my eye was taken in by some jade rings.  However, after viewing their price at over a hundred dollars, my retirement budget wouldn’t allow for that.  So we settled for an Indian taco and a cheesesteak sandwich at the resturant.  Back on the bike and destined to cruise the entire 24 mile loop in the Badlands before heading back to Wall to get the interstate back to Spearfish.  This would probably be our last short road trip before heading to North Dakota.  The vistas were amazing.  The prairie dogs took favoritism over the buffalo, mountain goats, deer and other wildlife.  The latter we had seen but the earth hoglets were new to us and we found them quite amusing.  However, those that live here permanently took umbrage to our affection toward them, finding them a royal pain in the keister.  Robin snapped some photos while en route while I continued on the loop.  We chose the best of several photos as we couldn’t post the almost 200 photos that she captured.  Finally we pulled into Wall to rest our weary hides for a moment.  We now had done the entire Badlands via the bike-bucket list item #9 can be scratched from the list.  Back on the interstate this time (no more walking for gas), and only 93 miles back to our campground.  We totalled over 200 miles today and had some numb backsides by days end but it was well worth the effort.  Hope you enjoyed the slideshow.  One last short visit tomorrow to see what the village of Sturgis is all about and we’ll be on our way north again.  Till then.

3 Responses to Bucket List-Badlands on a Bike

  1. Debbie

    I thoroughly enjoyed Bucket List # 9, and I’m sure Robin enjoyed it more than the hike for gas……..the ground porkers are cute little guys, I’m surprised she didn’t try to con one in the backpack, as she did try to catch one in her younger days! Loved the pictures, they will be a wonderful addition to that book that you need to think about publishing………..

  2. Jim

    Thanks for the great posts. My wife and I bought our first RV about a month ago and we are planning our first trip for the beginning of June. We live in El Paso, TX and our first trip is going to be to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and other sites. Then, on the way home we are meeting friends from Florida in Estes Park, Colorado. Your posts and pictures are really getting us excited about the trip.

  3. larry

    Thanks for the comments and Deb, you can’t imagine how hard it was for Robin not to get off that bike and try and take one of those prarie dogs home. They got to her heart more than any of the vistas.

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