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Resort Review Redux

Posted by on March 10, 2009


A reader of mine jolted me into realization that I wasn’t doing justice in the campground review aspect.  They were absolutely correct.  When critiquing a resort or campground I need to be more specific in helping out the reader.  My apologies and here I go again with hopefully the correct approach to reviewing a place to visit.  Bella Terra Of Gulf Shores is an owner park that also welcomes the occasional visitor.  It is located five miles north of the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Shores, AL between routes 59 and the Foley Beach Express on Brinks Willis Road. The sites are professionally landscaped lots, flat as pancakes, approximately 50′ x 90′ , each containing a colored concrete slab 25′ x 60′.  Every site has full hookup with 50 amp service and all sites look upon fountain-ladened lakes. A full range of onsite amenities at the Class A-only resort including a fitness center, Jacuzzi, pool, sauna, free wireless internet and more.  As lots are sold more amenities will be available in the future.  My only complaints were that the sprinkler systems are located too close to each site.  Each morning our carpet was soaked with the sprinkler system that begins operation at 6 am. So if visiting, remember to pull in your lawn chairs in the evening.  The grounds are located in a rural area so the only night-time noise are the fountains in the lake that run throughout the day and night.  The staff goes way beyond normal means to accomodate each and every guest and you want for nothing.  Of course this comes with a price.  A normal nights stay will run you $70. However, a introductory offer that exists at this time finds a stay of up to two weeks coming in at half the price. The GL rating of this facility is a 9. This is due to the fact that construction is still on-going but the “it” factor just wasn’t there for us.  It lacked the camaraderie of the ‘proletariat’ that I seek.  I’m a people person and I need that on-going interaction with people more so than I do the amenities of a facility. However, if you’re ever in southern Alabama, you need to treat yourself to this resort.  I hope this is a bit more informative for those readers of mine that seek the reviews. If you have suggestions please comment or email.


One Response to Resort Review Redux

  1. anonymous

    I have to say…this review is weak – AT BEST! I am extremely dissappointed in the quality of the review. You take pictures of everything, with a slideshow, and all you give us is a crappy picture of a gate and a barren pool. Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t notice the link to their site…wait….that answers all my questions. Oh, and even better, you gave it a GL rating of 9? For what, 3 sentences of description. BOOOOOO. You should be ashamed of yourself for even attempting to write about or critique that resort.

    I want to see a matrix…a list of specific enetities that exist at multiple resorts so they can be compared and then maybe a notes section as to why this place is defferent. MORE DAMN PICTURES!!!

    Look GypsyLarry, we need an unbiased opinion to make an informed decision about places to stay when we travel. I don’t mind hearing your take on a place, as long as you offer a level headed, pre-described approach that levels the playing field and give someone an better “view” of the campgrounds book and a uber-biased Campground Specific website.

    Feel free to try again!

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