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My Legacies

Posted by on March 24, 2009


We visited both children for two days each this past week.  I learn so much about and from them each time we interact.  We have done well as parents as they are a joy to be with.  And I often wonder what they must think of us as parents.  People who are not settled, always on the move, wandering about the country with no definite daily plans.  But I hope they are comfortable with our way of life and understand that our wandering can help restore one’s humanity and reestablish the harmony once existing between us and the cosmos.ryan  A friend of our children made a statement to us about a month ago and I saw it as the ultimate compliment. He said, “most parents live vicariously through their children and here you are, with your children living vicariously through you”.  It was something that I never thought about but hoped they were content with our new way of life.  After all is said and done we end up with only memory-upon which love is utterly dependent and memory is the lone, truly portable outcome of our days.

4 Responses to My Legacies

  1. Debbie

    You can be proud, you have to wonderful children, brilliant, self reliant, and Gypsy’s in their own right…….I see the best parts of you and Robin in them, and that’s a great combination……we only want more for our children than we have had in our lives………and they live what they’ve learned.

  2. Michael Lockridge

    Children can be a delight. I was thrilled when I realized that my sons were both highly regarded in the community. My daughter has established herself as well, and not just locally. Through her Internet connections she is respected across the country and in several other nations, at least in her field of expertise.

    Working in corrections I see a lot of broken humans and broken lives. It is encouraging and uplifting when I see successes, in my family and the families of my Internet friends.

    You have much to be proud of, Larry. Keep on posting!


  3. larry

    Thank you so much, both you, Mike and Debbie. We never know where our influence goes and what are children are doing without our knowledge. There never was any manual or step by step instructions to parenting. Luckily he had good teachers, and learned, just as monkeys do……by watching their mothers.

  4. Roger Mihalkovic

    I agree with most of the things you talked about, you’re a highly skilled copy writer.

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