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Dog Tired

Posted by on March 5, 2009


I broke all the traveling rules I set for myself today.  I had intended to operate on the 2-2-2 rule.  Never travel more than two hundred miles and always get off the road by 2 p.m. And finally, stay at least two days at the next pit-stop giving us a bit of a chance to get to know the surroundings.  It’s always been those out-of-the-way, unexpected places that we seem to find the neatest things.  We had a two night hiatus in Kissimmee to replace the windshield.  Thank God for insurance.  That three thousand dollar piece of glass only cost me only the 250 deductible.  But the gypsy genes were activating and all synapses firing to get on the road again.  We couldn’t decide to head for points south culminating at Sarasota or to the Lewis and Clark direction and head northwest.  So with a spin of the dial, the pointer was on NW. So it was off to Gulf Shores, Alabama. There’s a smidgen of that state that snuggles up with the Gulf of Mexico.  It’s also known as the ‘Redneck Riviera‘.  This might be a good place to put up our strip-lit palm tree and get real “cheesy” with the locals.  dog-tiredBut this was a good eight and a half hour trek.  Make it in two days.   Should I pay for a campground or be cheap and stay free compliments of Wally World.  But I couldn’t imagine the latter for the several hours prior to bedtime.  What would I look at?  Have you ever watched the patrons coming and going from the home of the yellow smiley face?  If you have, perhaps you need to get some therapy. OK, all kidding aside.  I broke all my rules.  I decided that the entire 500 miles would be done in one stint. Up highway 75 and then head west toward Tallahassee on Rt. 10.  We take that name for granted, ever since we learned our state capitals in third grade geography class.  I don’t think they teach geography anymore.  Whoa is this country!  But when you think about it, isn’t Tallahassee a storied word.  Sound it out.  You kinda sound stupid, don’t you?  Do you know how easy it is to get agitated with your wife while sitting on your ass in one place for nine hours?  Well, that will be for another day.  I’m still drivin’.  Gotta pay attention to the highway here.

One Response to Dog Tired

  1. Debbie

    Hey, did you borrow Wally World from me……..I’ll bet you do see some sights going to and fro from the smiley face……..can’t even imaging! Can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks! Love you guys…..

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