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Work Day

Posted by on February 4, 2009

Robin and I are slowing believing we have something to do with record setting.  Many places we have been have been deluged with rain, storms and all sorts of water. While down in NC last summer they experienced record highs during our stay there. Now here in Florida today, tomorrow and Friday they are expecting record lows and worrying about the citrus crop. What can I say?


 We just bring about extremes to our stays. A morning walk proved pretty brisk so we decided to workout in the RV.  After that, it was all work.  Since we had to pack almost everything we owned into the RV this past week there wasn’t much rhyme or reason to where things were placed.  So here’s the ugly empty space the used to house the washer/dryer unit. And thanks to Lowe’s, our set of tools and instructions from Robin I now have a place to put almost my entire wardrobe.  Measuring several times to only cut once took most of the day but now we have proof positive of accomplishing something positive.

2 Responses to Work Day

  1. Ryan

    Don’t work too hard on those 4 baskets. Glad you found a place for your 3 pair of underwear.

  2. Debbie

    Larry, right now it ‘s 7degrees, and heading down with the windchill making it well below zero, and we have a windchill warning in effect until Friday. I only wish I were in a warmer place…….LOL

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