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Arriving in the Sunshine State

Posted by on January 31, 2009

We left Raleigh sometime in the early evening on Tuesday, hunkering down at a large truck stop for the night, huddled amongst hundreds of eighteen wheelers we were hardly noticed.  The captain’s chair on the passengers side blew a fuse while in the reclined position prior to bed which made it almost impossible to get past it to the door.  Well, you know Robin, she was out there the next morning going through her array of tools and electrical tape, then squirming under the seat to repair the damage of the previous night. First to strip and retool the wires and then into the bank of fuses located outside to get the power going once again. While I dumped the tanks and fueled up, she had the electrical work done before I hopped behind the steering wheel. That woman is like living with a man,  a do-it-all, fix it all man. 

By mid morning thru Savannah it became so warm we had to exchange our sweatshirts and jeans for t-shirts and shorts. That was a welcome alteration. That evening we pulled into Classic Coachworks in Lakeland, Florida to have some interior work done on the This prompted us to have to stay in their lot for two nights as we had tv-aftermore work done than anticipated as I just couldn’t pass up some of the things they did for us.  We had two new TV’s installed in the front, removing the headbanger and getting some real custom cabinetry, some new light fixtures and two leather diffusers installed over the AC vents which cut the noise factor of the units almost done to nothing. Now the AC’s run full blast and you don’t have to try and talk over them. Did something else I never thought I would. Had another TV installed in the bedroom. Never had a TV in any bedroom. I suspect thats why we’ve been married for 32 years. But with age approaching faster than I’d like to admit, coupled with the change of life…..well, I can just tell Robin I’m too tired and let’s just cuddle and watch Letterman.

We did however, get to tool around Tampa in the Jeep while the RV was being worked on.tampa1  The mass of people anticipating the Super Bowl is just maddening.  And the vendors there outnumber the onlookers, just ready to remove you from your money. Just the fact of walking around in 80 degree weather was sublime. I talked to my son in New Jersey. He was worried about his fiance, Carolyn driving in their present conditions. Apparently they had several inches of snow blast them in a little time while toying with temperatures in the teens.  You don’t realize how good you have it until someone else reminds you. I received a phone photo texted to me by my friend and neighbor, Jay, and I realized how luck shined on us, leaving when we did.

Everywhere we go down here we are finding Steeler fans.  People honk when they see the PA license plates and go wild when they my-familysaw Robin and Erin in their black and gold. It’s evident the Steeler nationtampa2 is alive and well in Florida. But it was Brutus who garnered the most attention as he always does. Doesn’t matter what he wears, he’s a chick magnet and the ladies just stop to pet him no matter where we go.  




On Friday evening we pulled into a KOA in Kissimmee.  Erin has to fly back home on Tuesday and we didn’t want to be too far from the Orlando airport as she has an early morning departure.  I’m enjoying the hell out of her while she spends time with us because these next few days will fly by. Preparing for the Super Bowl tomorrow and hopefully a win for our time. In the meantime we’re just setting up home here before we head to Ocala at the middle of next week. Not a bad place to spend the end of January , whatdya think.


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  1. Debbie

    I’m so jealous…….although it was 49 degrees here today and sunny, but, no spectacular ocean views. Looks like the girls and Brutus are enjoying the sites!
    Keep blogging, I live through you……..

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