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The Week in Review

Posted by on November 2, 2008

It’s been a busy week for us but many of the tasks remain mundane so I won’t bore you with those.  Perhaps the biggest decision of the week was that we put the stick house on the market. Yes,  For Lease or Sale.  It’s just to the point that we can’t afford both the stick house and the RV, so yes, you can imagine which one has to go on the market.  The only problem is that with this economy, it may be a while that it’s on the market.  Let’s just hope for the best on that one.We also have begun to receive some offers on the handful of resumes that we sent out in the past week.  In fact, we’ve been offered four workamper positions to this point in time.  Oregon, Utah, Missouri, and West Virginia job sites all have asked that we join them for spring and summer employment.   Our dilemma exists in getting back to New Jersey for the middle of October for the wedding of Ryan (our son) and Carolyn.  At this juncture it appears that Denny’s Wigwam in Kanab, Utah will get the nod.  In the meantime, I have been and will continue, weather permitting to hit the links.  golf.jpg

Robin’s milogram proved good and bad news.  The good being that there is nothing wrong with her past surgery, no nerve damage and the plate and screws in her neck seem to be healing well. The bad news is that she still has numbness and lack of feeling in two fingers on her left hand.  We’re hoping this is just neuritis and will dissipate over a period of time. Nevertheless, she has rejoined the local gym and begun once again on a weight lifting routine that hopefully will alleviate the discomfort.  I’m a firm believer in the utilization of muscles to overcome discomfort and some pain. Let’s hope this premise rings true.  In fact, she’s been to the gym three times this week so I’m hopeful that this will start to pay some benefits soon.On Friday, we drove to a local Jeep dealer to purchase the extended warranty on the powertrain for the used Wrangler we had purchased last week.  While we were waiting I noticed an olive green beauty just sitting in the parking lot and reflecting a setting sun.  It seemed to draw my attention like a magnet.  We walked over to view it and that was the beginning of the end.  It was long afterward that the general manager and I were exchanging stories and barbs and why I should have it and why I shouldn’t pay as much for it as he wanted.  To make a long story short, we amicably agreed upon a price difference and I told him I would pick up a brand new olive colored Wrangler on Saturday morning.  Here’s the beauty. jeep.jpg

Saturday we picked up the new ride, had breakfast at a local golf course and then returned home quickly as the real estate agent was bringing a “looker”.  I also had someone stopping by to purchase some furniture.  I’m a wheeler-dealer, and given the fact that the stick house it up for sale, so are it’s contents.  We did well this afternoon as a truckload and a trailer load went out of here yesterday afternoon. To this point in time I’ve sold the dining room set and baker’s rack, a living room set,  another sofa, chair, and ottoman, a bedroom dresser, the den set, some lamps, and an extra TV. Yes, there’s still things left in the house to sit in and be comfortable but we’re intent on heading out in the RV as soon as possible. Later that afternoon we visited the new and local outlet mall.  Aren’t they all pretty much similar.  Nothing caught our eye except some fragrances that we had run out of……..always need to smell swell.  Saturday night saw us attending a movie with some friends and then imbibing with them while trading stories and laughter just like college frat and sorority friends would have years ago.  We left their abode at the end of the Texas-Texas Tech game and settled in for a well deserved rest and an extra hour of sleep.�

2 Responses to The Week in Review

  1. Debbie

    My head’s spinning….New Jeep, no furniture, Utah……Robin’s healing and working out at the gymn…..which is good news, and I’m sure frustrating for her…, how about you……..everything OK there? And how could we every be bored? You never stand still long enough….: )

  2. Debbie

    I think, like you, I like this one better, and Jim just gave his approval, who hooo!

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