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Fickeled Weather

Posted by on November 24, 2008

One never knows what a two day turnaround will bring in these parts.  An afternoon of photography leads to roads unknown and the colors of summer giving way to the grays of winter.  A hike through the Laurel Highlands goes unnoticed by the empty roadways on this sunny day. gypsyl.jpg The days have been spent in ways that may seem mundane and ordinary to you, my readers, but they are filled with excitement for Robin and I.  Much has become of the applications that we sent our for spring and summer work.  Initially we thought we may have trouble finding a position and now, the phone is ringing off the hook.  So allow me to share a bit of information with you that may help all of you out if seeking a similar circumstance.  We posted our resume on Awesome Applicants and now vendors, campgrounds, golf courses, and resorts are calling us for positions to places we haven’t even applied to.  It’s wonderful. But I must tell you that the resume itself lends to that and having years of experience in dealing with people is to our advantage.  In the past two weeks, we have been offered positions in retail sales in Utah,  activities director in a campground in Cape May,  golf course positions in North Dakota and Wyoming, and a simple worker position in a KOA in Branson, MO.  At this juncture the Bully Pulpit Golf Course in Medora, ND looks the best with Denny’s Wigwam of Kanab, UT following in tow.  The former is located in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park with the latter being located between Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. Now, along comes a change in the weather and a alteration of the mindset. img_4071.JPG Brrr!! It’s cold up here again. Even the parrots are feeling it.  In a day things can change here from the beauty of fall as the photo above alludes to the wintry harshness of the lake effect having it’s way with us.  Now is the time for thoughts……South.  Beat the depression of winter.  I shall be finishing up my consulting stint by no later than the third week in January.  At that time we will be headed for some much needed R&R to the sunny skies of Florida.  At this juncture our plans are to hunker down in Ocala, which is the horse capital of the East and Robin can get back into riding. As for me, I’ll be attending the water aerobic sessions that are offered each morning at 9 to get my heart started.  Plans after that include reading, walking and napping but we’ll keep you up to date on that as time passes.  Closed out the week by attending light-up night in the Burg. We were early so Robin and I drove to Mt. Washington to watch the festivities from a much better angle.   Since we had time to spare I asked her if she wanted to make-out, whereby she looked at me as if I were totally insane. Can you imagine? img_4067a.jpg Over the remainder of the weekend we began cleaning out things in the stick house. Still on the market and with this economy we don’t know how long that will take.  Preparing for an open house next Sunday but in the meantime, we’ll be making a road trip to Raleigh to spend Thanksgiving with our daughter and her friends. In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine wherever you are.

3 Responses to Fickeled Weather

  1. Debbie

    I can sense excitement in the air, and the Gypsy in you straining to get out on the road………I’m looking forward to your adventures once again, even though the homesickness deepens………just keep my Seester emailing me, here’s hoping with cup half full again, that it will be a more enjoyable journey for you both……oh, and don’t forget Brutus, and Wildy Joe…….

  2. Max

    It is a quite interesting post but quite difficult to understand for me –

  3. larry

    Thanks for the comment Max, but what is it that you don’t understand. Email me and I’ll attempt to explain.

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