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I Am So Embarrassed….

Posted by on October 1, 2008

Did it ever occur to any of you how stupid we can be in our own right sometimes? You know, when you do those idiotic things and hope that on one was around to see, no one was looking or overheard.  Well, this was the case with the slideouts.  I have a routine. I pull into my slot or space, put the transmission in neutral, set the air brake, and begin leveling the jacks. Once that’s done, the slideouts go out. Well, this time I went outside to check things out and allowed Robin to do the leveling of the jacks. She did a fine job but no slideouts. After checking fuses, small ones, large ones, little ones and big ones, we came to the conclusion that we had a major malfuntion that would require the attention of my friend Jim Polk, from Jones’ RV.  Do you know how cramped it can be without the slideouts. Especially the one in the rear bedroom whereby you have to crawl over the bed to get to the bath instead of just walking around the bottom of the bed.  It was only in the morning, when we decided to pull out that I realized the air brake was never set.  Now as a safety feature, slideouts won’t operate without the brake set.  Surely I checked that the night before.  Is it the brain tumor starting to show signs?  Is it TMB again? (Too many birthdays).  Of course not. Who set the jacks? culprit.jpg

 I blame all of this on Robin. Afterall, isn’t that what a wife is for, to blame a husband’s blundering idiocy on? One good thing. There will be no repair bill for faulty slideouts. What a great day afterall.

One Response to I Am So Embarrassed….

  1. Debbie

    Looks pretty guilty to me……..of course, we have that built into us, we Orndoff girls………it’s genetic…………..

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