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Getting the Itch to Go Again

Posted by on October 25, 2008

I’m starting to get antsy again, yearning once again to be on the road.  But we need to see the results of Sunday’s MRI for me and Robin is scheduled for a milogram on Monday.  I’m the least bit concerned about myself as nothing can keep me down but Robin is missing the feeling in her arm again and two fingers have gone completely numb. Perhaps this too will be fixed in short time.  Nevertheless we are preparing fervently for the road again.  I’m a planner.  I usually do this far in advance and have a couple of options in case one doesn’t work out.  So in preparation for a fulltiming stint in the spring we decided to get something that was towable.  Say goodbye to the Mustang.  We talked about a toad that we could go off-road with some ease when we get to the crimson roads of the West.  So yesterday we traded for a Jeep’s something we’ve been talking about for a couple of weeks now and I couldn’t pass the offer that a dealer offered me on Friday.  I told you I was somewhat impulsive.  But Robin loves her new toy so that made it all worthwhile.  We both like the feeling of riding a bit higher on the road as well.  A six speed that will keep us out of the lull of an automatic and I can see it now in the canyons of Utah.  Depending on the month we leave, we’ve narrowed down our first destination between the eco-homes of Taos, New Mexico or a couple of months filming the wildlife of Yellowstone.  That’s the plan for this week anyway.

3 Responses to Getting the Itch to Go Again

  1. Debbie

    You’ll be getting the JEEP wave…….honor it…….join the ranks of the 4 wheelers……you and Jimmy can go on some jaunts…….now he’s interested…..that kind of vacation in the hills he would like, the rougher the better……..

  2. Froggi Donna

    A Jeep sounds perfect… will love the areas you are talking about. We won’t be back West until winter 2010 but I can’t wait! Sending positive vibes on ALL the test results!

  3. Donna

    GYpsy Larry is definitely a good name for you and I envy your impulsiveness!! Living life to the fullest is what keeps us all going. Sure am glad your guardian angel (DR. GOLDBERG) is around!! I’ll be in touch about all the test results eithe via phone or the back yard!!

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