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Wonderful News and TMB's

Posted by on September 10, 2008

Although the rains came on and off yesterday, it seemed as if nothing could dampen my spirits.  I received a call from the pathologists office with the results of my Petscan.  As I stated earlier this scan surveys the entire body for any trace of cancer.  Well, I’m free and clear.  No sign of cancer throughout my body.  However, the brain tumor still must be removed because it is growing.  I’m not symptomatic as of now but there is no need to wait for symptoms.  That is, unless you count the inability to remember what you did yesterday.  But I’ll equate that to TMB.  Don’t know what TMB is?  Well, that’s Too Many Birthdays, lol.dsc010181.jpgI’m feeling great and got to share my story with a personal friend of mine.  This is Rocky Bleier, a former Pittsburgh Steeler who had to overcome his own battle when shrapnel from a grenade rendered his leg almost useless during a stint in Vietnam.  Determination and will became his allies and he went on to a glorious pro football career.  He is a symbol of strength and mind overcoming matter to me.  The tumor will just be a blip on the radar. I’m sure by the end of the month that too, will be a forgotten memory.

6 Responses to Wonderful News and TMB's

  1. Debbie

    TMB’s, Guardian Angels, Cups half full, you have all the signs………..and we’re all thinking positive……….plus the power of prayer……….your smile says it all…………

  2. Michael Lockridge

    I think the scan is great news. The tumor remains a challenge, but hopefully a bit more straight forward.

    Strange, but another blogger I read just announced a new battle with cancer. It renders this Internet experience more one of community, rather than some obscure form of entertainment. Real people, real problems. Real caring and sharing.

    Sharing your battle makes me feel more human and connected. Thank you for that. I didn’t expect it, but it feels good.

  3. GypsyLarry

    Thanks to both of you. I know your interest is sincere and I appreciate that. I disdain the fact that I talk about myself and the cancer here, its not my way but if I can share to make someone feel a bit better or less apprehensive it will have been worth it.

  4. Lewis

    Great news – our prayers have been answered – but I will still keep you on my prayer list.
    And be carful on that motorcycle.

  5. Froggi Donna

    Great news on the PET Scan!!!

  6. Donna

    Many more years of being your friend!! And I’ll catch you in the backyard and we’ll “consult”.

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