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Frustration Follies

Posted by on September 27, 2008

Do you ever wonder why you do the things you do, especially when things go wrong?  Took a trip to Louisville this weekend.  In fact, I sit here in the RV writing this on a Saturday evening.  The trip was twofold; one reason to visit the Louisville Slugger factory because I’m interested on how they make bats.  The second was to visit a friends horse farm.  They were interested in us working the farm come next spring, helping with the mowing and the animals.  While there we had some down time and decided to exchange the monstrosity of a TV directly over the cockpit and replace it with a sleek new Sony Bravia. img_3779.JPG

 Not such a good idea. The Sony was too large for the opening and the brackets to mount it were a bit too short.  And with not enough tools and saws to do this job we now have a cavity large enough to hide dead bodies.  And have you ever seen the myriad of wires and cables behind your main TV.  I think I ‘ll leave this job to an expert and allow Jim at Jones RV to do this upon the return back home.  We decided to leave a bit early and return home.  Growing weary somewhere between Cincinnati and Columbus we pulled off of Interstate 71 and found Olive Garden Campground.   Forty-two dollars was a hefty price to pay given the lack of facilities here but what are you going to do when you’re tired. img_3780.JPG

As things would progress later, I thought I would have been far better off in a rest area for free considering nothing worked anyway.  Pull into site #49 and level up.  Hook up the EWS and get ready to hunker down for the evening.  Put the slideouts in extension mode and relax. OH NO!! Neither front slideout activates.  Checking the rear, we find that one doesn’t extend either.  Check all major fuses. Now go outside to the other panels and check those fuses. Nothing blown there either. So here we sit.  No TV, no slideouts, climbing over the rear bed to get to the bathroom as that slide doesn’t work either. And here it is Saturday night, international date night, and the misses is sleeping again at 9pm.  You just wonder sometimes why you do this sort of thing. �

7 Responses to Frustration Follies

  1. Ryan

    Sounds like a tough trip. What happened to the slide outs? As for the TV…
    measure twice…cut once.

  2. Debbie

    Sorry about your trip, hope everything is up and running again soon without too much trouble. Tell me how you like that Bravia, we’ve been looking at them.

  3. Pam and Ed

    Hi Larry and Robyn, this is a really cool website/blog. We will definetly be checking in on your travels. It was so nice to meet you at Lees [Louisville]. Sorry to hear about your slideouts.

  4. Lyn

    Froggi Donna told me you are owned by a Shih Tzu, just as I am, so I came over to peek at your handsome little one and say Hi. I’m owned by 5 of them right now. One is 15.5 years old and sadly is really slowing down.

    What a mess you have on your hands! I hope your malfunctions have begun to function again. Good luck!!

  5. GypsyLarry

    Slildeouts all fixed, just a safety feature that was overlooked. The Sony Bravia has one of the best pictures I have seen yet.

  6. larry

    Dear Pam and Ed,
    Thanks for the comment and it was great meeting you in Louisville. Glad you like the site, stay tuned.

  7. larry

    Thanks for the comment. You can keep in touch either here on the site or at our email at
    We love the Shih Tzu, well it’s really Robins dog as he is so babied by her. Keep in touch often, would love to meet sometime and all is now good with the MH.

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