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Much Ado About Nothing

Posted by on September 2, 2008

hinesward1.jpgIt’s been a good couple of days.  Robin and I attended the last Steeler pre-season game on Thursday evening.Great tickets were the prelude to great food and a great time with my best friend.  Friday saw us doing a little commercial work but then we went on another quest. You see, when I get an itch, it becomes a pilgrimage.  A quest for knowledge, research and information besieges me as I take on a new endeavor.  This time it is a quest for a new motorcycle.  I love what I now own but I’m in search of more comfort.  Vanity of eye candy is secondary to the “ease of the ride”.  So much of Friday was spent by the two of us in search of a replacement for the Gold Wing.  Robin is weary from test riding so many motorcycles. I’ll let you know where I stand right before purchase time comes for your input. Don’t want to take on a big investment without outside opinions.  Saturday was work day with the mundane tasks of laundry being done.  The missus had a bridal shower to attend and I thought I would suprise her with having domestic chores all put to bed when she came home.  That allowed time for a visit with Chris and Jay and the chance to adjust our attitudes.  I forgot to mention the fact that we adjusted them well into the wee hours on Friday again with Chris and Jay and also Donna and Neil.  Life is great.  A morning motorcycle ride for breakfast with the crew grew into a hundred mile affair.  That was followed by a memorial service for Robin’s great aunt.  Bereavement services are never a good thing but they are counterbalanced by being able to spend quality time with family that you haven’t seen in a while and reminiscing on the past and embellishing stories that turn out to be far greater than the real thing.  Labor Day was spent laboring as I put in twenty-one miles on the bicycle.One trip with Frank and the other alone as Robin spent the day toiling in her gardens, only to suprise me with the barbecue ready to roll and the bread in the oven upon my return home.  Much ado about nothing was the weekend albeit pleasant and peaceful. stove.jpg

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