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Fulltime v. Most-time Once Again

Posted by on August 8, 2008

One of the major purposes of this site is the discussion that vacillate between fulltime Rving and what I will refer to as “most-timing”. We still possess the steadfast stickhome as our real estate agent advised us that this was not a good time to put the house on the market.  And we get ‘on the road again’ as often as possible. As with many of you, cashflow is still an issue and these are the things that I intend to discuss over the coming months.  Cashflow is the reason that I decided to take this position as a consultant and move North until we have accumulated enough of it to again become gypsies.  Here is an example.  Today I had to buy tires.  And not just a few of them.  The car was due for its annual inspection and to pass I had to purchase four new tires.  Now this has never set well with me as they are costly, don’t have much aesthetic pleasure as, once they’re mounted on the wheels, I never look at them. Except when it’s time to get them washed.  They don’t bring me much pleasure, they don’t smell that good, and provide no solace as cuisine or empathy. I guess I’ll just have to settle that hopefully they save our lives while riding upon them.  Now to top that off, the Goldwing needed inspected as well.  Yes, you got that right. Those tires needed replaced as well.  So now I am a bit of 1k for six tires and I’m not feeling one bit good about them.  Now if we were fulltiming as opposed to most-timing the miles wouldn’t be put on the auto going to and fro from the consultation services nor would it be on the cycle.  Here’s a plus for the fulltime side.  In the months that we were on the road, we definitely spent far less money on vehicle maintenance, fuel and fees.campfire.jpgBut then again, we’re walking up to the neighbors to have some spirits around the campfire and enjoy some local street camaraderie.

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