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Under The Knife…..Again

Posted by on July 5, 2008

“On the road again”. I can still hear Willie Nelson in the far reaches of my mind almost every time I get behind the wheel to begin another roadtrip.roadsigntomyrtle.jpg Only this one wasn’t for fun. It’s was back to the Grand Strand Hospital for surgery on Robin’s fragile neck. Severe discomfort had set in immediately after the back surgery. It worsened to the point daily that numbness extended down her arm until a thumb and two fingers were deadened with numbness. Now there I go, using that word twice in a sentence and I don’t even know if numbness is correct grammatically. Regardless, you all know what I mean. We didn’t take the bus this time as it was a three hour ride, a three day stay and we decided to pamper ourselves a bit. Along with that, beautiful women would probably want me hanging around to look at them and I didn’t want to do anything to upset them, so we settled down for a few nights of relaxation in the following:hotel.jpgThe procedure proved a success and all feelings have returned to her arm and fingers. Going through the front of the neck is almost impossible to find as the surgeon was a master at his art. He left no example that he had been invasive in any way. It boggles my mind that a titanium plate with six screws was placed within such a small incision. Dr. Giddens would have done marvels with Frankenstein. With the titanium plate, and the titanium rod and screws in the back, I’m now wondering if Robin’s choice of a Titanium Goldwing was women’s intuition or was it just in the cards. Rest and recuperation will take some time but at the end of this day we can still see a shining sun on our lives.sunset.jpg And to all our friends who called with concern, (Jay&Chris, Tom& Cheryl, Donna & Neil, Terry & Jackie) family, (Ryan & Erin, Lisa & Kevin, Caitlin & Eric, and Danny & Florence), I say…..thankyou.jpg

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  1. Stree Overlord

    With the titanium plate, and the titanium rod and screws in the back, I’m now wondering

  2. Edna Rothbauer

    That you are running a blog has really seriously after I remember through previous articles. In truth I showed up below from a community on an not related theme. Really worth surfing sometimes. Gives thanks.

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