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Searching for Eye Candy

Posted by on July 18, 2008

We drove into neighboring Smithfield in search of more eye candy.  We found a spot to park above the nearby Neuse River.  Rivers in the south are more like thetheriver.jpgcreeks and streams I know of the north, they’re much smaller in nature.  The path along the river had an interesting waterfall. But before you revel in what lookswaterfall.jpg like nature’s glory, let me inform you that this runoff goes directly into the Neuse, coming from a storm drain.  Looks can be deceiving, even without editing software.  The walk along the river passed under Route 70 and heres another one that I couldn’t pass up. (Told you I liked lines and geometry and structure.)bridgetrusses.jpgLuckily, as temperatures soared into the mid 90’s, the other side of the bridge found us face to face with a local watering hole. Ah!! To wet one’s whistle.littlebrownjug.jpgSmithfield is the seat of the county Johnston. Here is where General Sherman received word that Lee had surrendered to Grant at Appomattox.  I stopped to readleessurrender.jpgbut couldn’t keep my eyes from the architecture draping the rear. I should have gotten a shot for you but the lighting was poor and it would have washed out in the forenoon sun.  I learned that the fountain in front of the courthouse originally had two spigots, one on each side.  A mere fifty years ago, the two fountains were labeled “white” and “colored”.  I lived through those times but never saw them up close and real.  It’s almost as if that were in another lifetime.twofountains.jpgHowever, all that changed after the March in Selma, Alabama. How ironic the similarity in names.  Time to head back and get some errands done as Brutusbrutus.jpg needed to get to the groomers and I had to have my afternoon bicycle ride.  Lucky me. I found a four mile trip on a dirt road through the soybean fieldsbiketrail.jpgnear our campground.  It’s almost vehicle free and piques Robin’s interest because, like many rural areas here, cemeteries dot the landscape too frequently.graveyard.jpgAlmost surreal, pastoral and quiet, they allow for a bikeride that is more pleasant than a workout.  Slow day or is it that I’m finally getting used to retirement.lightsonwall.jpgLike I said. I like structure.   



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  1. Debbie

    I love through you, sites I’ll probably never see……Brutus is looking a little impatient…… I gotta go now……….looks like the slow lane is kicking in, the pics are beautiful……..

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