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On The Road…Again

Posted by on June 16, 2008

It’s been twelve weeks since we hit the road and headed south from the overcast skies of southwestern Pennsylvania. Motoring in our Revolution has been more than a trying experience to say the least. Prior to this new life, we had never been on the road for more than a three- week stint. We have learned much about traveling and much about ourselves. We have faced a plethora of problems that most people don’t experience in a handful of years. However, this does not daunt us, does not deter us, only makes us a bit stronger and grasping a great dose of resolve.

One of the things that I take for granted down here is the sunshine. We didn’t find much of that back home unless it came in the form of a “Steeler” win. But in the twelve weeks on the road, we can count the days of rain on one hand. What a difference in one’s attitude and mental outlook does ample doses of sunlight make. However, when it rains, oh my , does it come in the form of a deluge. Starting last night right after dinner the rain came in a torrential downpour. When I awoke this morning I peered out the bedroom window as was amazed to see this sight.


I’m sure my neighbor was much more amazed than I was. Apparently the continuous rain had soaked into the crevices created by the carpenter ants in this old relic. The campground owner tells us that the tree was estimated at four hundred years old. Tomorrow it’s remains will come down, leaving a hole in the landscape and a bit of one in my heart for something so much a part of history. 

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  1. Debbie

    We’re having the same problems here, but, we’ve escaped them in our little corner, but, a few miles from here are downed trees and such, we had some hail….that’s what happens when I plant flowers, ha,ha………keep your updates coming.

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