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Not Unlike Samson

Posted by on January 4, 2013

Looking forward to my coming back for Christmas, Robin wanted to surprise me with a new haircut.  I thought it made her look younger and sexy, although I’m a long hair kind of guy.  However beautiful it was, it proved much like that of Samson.   The loss of hair bode not well for her.  She came down with a virus, which turned into sinusitis, a severe head cold, and ear infection, and eventually the flu.  She’s been hibernating in the bus for days now with the exception of a visit to a CVS mini-clinic.  The rain and clouds for the past two days have not done anything on the positive side.  But today is different.  The sun is again our company, the temps are in the 50’s and the antibiotics have done their duty.  On Dasher, on Dancer, on Chevy Silverado.  She’s off to Sam’s and Belks and other points in the Coastal Grand Mall.

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