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The Trevails of Squatting

Posted by on December 5, 2012

I arrived at Willow Tree RV Resort a mere three hours after leaving Charleston.  I’ll be a campground squatter for another month here.  After checking in and finding my site the routine began. I’m not sure I do it correctly and most RV’ers have their own special method but help me with my itinerary if you would be so kind.  Discharge the airbags and lower the coach, place wooden planks at four points so jacks don’t rest on asphalt, hit the automatic leveler. While this is all happening I hook up the water, sewage and electric. By this time, the coach is leveled and I come in and eject the three slides, set up the dining table, move my recliner back to its position for ultimate TV viewing and have the TV go through its automatic scan searching for as many channels as I can find. Next step is to put on some coffee so it’s ready when I’m ready to vacuum, roll out the area rugs and open windows to allow in for fresh air. By now, I’m ready for that coffee and I find the vacuuming can wait. While searching for some viewing entertainment I look out the window and ‘lo and behold are former fellow workkampers, Chester and Virgina, just two sites away from me.  They both worked at Lake In Wood this summer and provided many a belly laugh for Robin and me.  The rest of the afternoon is spent is trading stories, cajoling and lying out the ass to each other. Anymore work can wait for tomorrow.  A ribeye on the grill and some sauteed snow peas are the order of the evening to be followed with some Monday Night Football culminating a slow day.

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