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Meeting an Author

Posted by on November 15, 2012

 It didn’t take me long to procure some new friends here in the low country.  Cathy and Dave, two of Canada’s finest,became entrenched next to me for a couple of days. They’re from Ottawa and making their way to south Texas. We hit it off quickly, sharing stories and trading barbs, as if we were buddies reunited over the years. It must have been the firewater. In fact, becoming bored with Florida over the past three winters, they’ve sold me on the idea of joining them just outside of Brownsville, Texas once we head for the deep South. I’ve almost got Robin talked into this. Besides, I have some unfinished business with the cartel down there that I need to address. Disregard that last statement; I’ve been watching way too much “Breaking Bad”. However, two days here was enough; today they headed for Savannah.
I started my walks again the day I arrived here and I want to go on record that I have been ‘noticed’ as I made my way around the grounds over and over again. Yes, two ladies traveling together have taken a fancy to me. No, they’re not gay, don’t go there. They just travel together out of friendship and a sense of security. They’ve flirted to the point that it’s almost embarrassing to me….and that’s hard to do. Actually, their comments are blatantly over the top regarding their sexual innuendos. I’ve been smitten. They’re what you would call, ‘cougars’. Quite a bit older than me and here they are, pursuing a younger man. But it’s a win-win situation for all of us. I tease and taunt and return their flirtations, and in return they’re teaching me all about Medicare.

Later in the afternoon, I made my way over to Mt. Pleasant, which is across the Cooper River from Charleston. Riding the motorcycle across the Ravenal bridge was exhiliarating, noting a glorious view from this cable-readied behemoth.

Ravenal Cable Bridge

The locals were holding a Civil War re-enactment at the Boone Hall Plantation. However, South Carolinians refer to this most notable turning point not as the Civil, but the War of Northern Aggression. I’ve always been fascinated with this portion of our nation’s history and became well read on the subject in years past. However, I’ve come to learn that battle reenactments are much like the Grand Canyon.

Boone Hall Plantation

After being there twice, there’s really no reason to attend a third time. But as fate would have it and unbeknownst to me, renowned author and historian Nancy Brewer was there. Not only did she personally sign my copy of her book but she held me close while her husband photographed the two of us.

     Listening to her was fascinating as she spun stories that made me feel as if I were at another place in time.  Nancy has been awarded the “Jefferson Davis Historical Gold” award for several of her literary works and you can find more about her here. After a few hours with the rebels, it was back across the bridge toward my abode as I was hankering for a grilled ribeye.  








 Nancy Brewer and Me




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