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Wildlife in the City

Posted by on April 1, 2012

We’ve made it to our destination here in Pennsylvania by weeks end but the other day I mentioned a visit with friends Joan and Tom. We met this couple while they were hosting at Red Gate campground in Savannah. Since then , they’ve purchased a home in Gainesville. Since we had to travel there for one last dental adjustment, we met Tom and Joan for lunch. They proceded to tell us about a venue in which they were volunteering. Apparently, when their precious bird passed last year, they were directed to a veterinary that offered post-death services, offered a host of other birds for purchase, as well as taking in exotic animals from people who for one reason or another couldn’t handle them. We followed them just out of Gainesville to a small farm just off the main highway. Imagine our surprise when we came upon a pride of lions, bengal tigers, white snow tigers, and a bevy of other wildlife living just outside the city limits. Although caged, I was able to get as close as possible to go eye to eye with the King.

The photo doesn’t allow for the enormity of this land turtle.

It must have been mating season as the peacock was strutting his stuff for all to see.

Just above him on top of an old shelter perched an albino peacock. Whether or not she was attempting to meld into the foliage or ignoring her male counterparts show, she didn’t seem fazed by us or anything else.

We spent about an hour as Joan and Tom showed us all the animals that they cared for in the volunteering services. It’s admirable what these two do for the animals that need some human care and kindness. Brutus wasn’t fazed much about the wildlife at all.

In fact he was quite bored. That is, until he spotted a cage of baby owls. The youngsters had to be kept separate from their parents for the males continually pick at the offspring, which could cause some damage. But when this little guy spotted Brutus, he poked his head out of the sock just to see what the hell was going on out there.

Thanks, Joan and Tom for a great afternoon.

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