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Toys, Toothache, and Travels

Posted by on March 17, 2012

Never get overly excited about good news or fortunes. On the contrary, never get depressed when faced with the inverse. Take this week for example. On Monday, I received a call from Dale at  Segway of Central Florida located in Mt. Dora, stating that he sold my Segway.  The good news was that it sold for more than I originally paid for it. Turn to page two. I had been vacillating with the fact of trailering the pontoon boat north for the summer and then back during the winter season. I could store it here inexpensively, save on fuel, but would not have it’s use during the summer, and see it only as a winter month toy. On Wednesday, we made a trip to Gulf to Lake Marine in Lecanto. Our boat was sold back to the dealer from whom I had originally purchased it. And I got the selling price so essentially we used the boat for two winters free. I’m a happy guy. On Thursday I was notified by my retirement board that due to miscalculations, I have been overpaid for four years. Not only would my monthly income be drastically reduced but all that back-money would have to be repaid. Bring on the depression and a few sleepless nights. It was then I began to realize how fortunate I am to have good health once again, the ability to work, and started to conjure up mental images of how to offset a major financial blow. This will not beat me as with the cancer, it is only a blip on my radar of life.

Robin also realized some discomfort of her own as a previous root canal had become infected. By Friday evening her pain was at 8 on a scale of 10. In vain, I searched for an emergency dental care office but being that it was after 5 p.m, I ceased without success.  Arising very early  today, I searched the net and found a number in Gainesville for emergencies and called, receiving but an answering service.  After dozens of tries at various venues, I came up empty. While on my morning saunter, the cell phone rang and it was a dentist responding to the message I had left on the answering service. By 1 p.m , a young Austin Webb DDS. of Gentle Dental Care met us and relieved her misery for the time being. He scheduled an appointment with a  specialist for Monday morning, provided a script for antibiotics and pain-killers and by 3 we were on our way back to the campground. She was elated with the results but forewarned the medication would wear off in 3 hours. And it did. So back to the medicine and await oral surgery on Monday. I’ve been warned by elders through five decades;  “neither get too high at good news, nor too low with the bad.”  Balance, as the Zen masters state, is truly the key to a contented life.

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