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Three States in Short Time

Posted by on March 25, 2012

Bridge Over the Savannah River

Our travels have taken us through three states in the past two and a half days. By Friday morning Robin had a positive encounter with the oral surgeon. The new root canal proved a success. The only drawback was that they would try and submit a refund to our insurance but for the present time twelve hundred smackers were expected pronto. Ouch!! But what price to be pain free? Be noon we were packed and leaving Yellow Jacket Resort, bidding our farewells, and one last look at the magnificent Suwanee. During the late afternoon we had parked at Red Gate Campground, a previous haunt, jumped into the truck and did some sightseeing in downtown Savannah. It was at Redgate two falls ago that we met hosts Tom and Joan DiCola. They both worked this past summer at Lake in Wood and then we were reacquainted this winter as they purchased a home in Gainesville, FL. This past week we met them for lunch and they showed us around a veterinary’s compound that provided facilities for rescued wild animals. More about that later as I’ve diverged into another tangent and story for tomorrow.

For Some Reason I Just Expect Forrest Gump To Come Running Down This Road

Savannah’s weather and the fact it was Friday evening made the city a web of elbow to elbow tourists. The tree-lined streets, the architecture, the genteel way of life reminsicent of days gone by were pleasing to the eye, however, the crowds were not our cup of tea and we viewed the city by cruising. Savannah is a great place for a Segway tour. Saturday morning found us on the road by 9 a.m. stopping four times along the way for fuel, lunch, and twice to do some stretching of the quads, neck muscles and hams. By mid afternoon we rolled into the Mayberry Campground, just outside Mt. Airy, NC. The office was closed, a sign stated, “Pick a site, I’ll see you around sometime tomorrow to get your money.” I love a place like this where they allow you to choose your own site and the word “TRUST” is still an integral part of a man’s vocabulary. We picked our site, put the jacks down, the slides out, connected the water, sewage and electicity and set up in all of ten minutes. Looking at the skies I wondered again if we left Florida too early. And then it happened. Torrential rains out of nowhere and then two hail storms lasting about twenty minutes left us in a deluge of water. I swear to God sometimes that bad weather seems to follow my rear bumper. We had planned on driving into Mayberry to visit

                  Wally’s Filling Station

                              Floyd’s Barbershop

and such but the hail and thunderstorms brought flash floods that deterred our visit until morning. So it will be an evening of the Elite Eight and more great basketball.

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